Much has been made over the colorful personality of our Governor.  His perceived shortcomings have been nuanced to the minutia with every waking hour by a feverish press, rabid Democrat Party and the weak compliant wing of the Republican Party.  Governor Grumps, as this columnist has affectionately come to call him, has much this past legislative session to put him in a foul mood.  As the session nears to an ineffective close, The Maine Conservative Voice thought it fitting to examine the possible reasons for the Governor’s grouch.

Coattail Chafe – After almost a super-human effort to drag many new Republicans into office along with him, the Governor now finds the majority he helped to create more interested in blocking his agenda rather than promoting it.  The weak fickle moderate Republicans are obsessed with the approval of the minority Party and spend more time stumbling over themselves to appease Democrats than to help their leader bring Maine the revolution that Maine residents had sorely hoped the Republicans could produce.  The voters have been depressed and disappointed.  Much to the Democrats glee, the cloak of apathy begins to unfurl its dark drab across the hearts of Mainers once again.  The Governor must wonder if the callous created by the chafing of his heavily encumbered coattails was worth the expense.

The Blame Game – It is the age-old political game but a somewhat uncomfortable one for the limp wrested moderate Republicans to play.  There is really no one else to blame but themselves.  The Democrat Party, the Party of “No”, could be easily and truthfully blamed if the Republicans ever decided to do anything, but the pale pasty leadership of the legislature has found themselves in an unholy alliance with the Party of  “No” against the Governor and the people of Maine.  As the session draws to a close, the realization has set in to these bland and tepid moderate Republicans that they will have to go back to their local communities and walk the not so favorable parade routes in the towns of their constituents.  Realizing the voters may be a bit grumpier than Governor Grumps at their inept Keystone Kops approach to the people’s business, the moderates have opted to do what every self-respecting teenager does, blame the authority and somebody else.

The Brick Wall Syndrome – Recently the Governor called the Republican Caucus to a meeting and told them in no uncertain terms (phew, I bet you could cut through the blue with a chainsaw) that there were three things he wanted accomplished this session:  Health Insurance reform, the repeal of LURC and his budget passed.  The Majority Party, yes, the majority, has managed to pass…..one.  I guess they get a third of a clap.  Would that be classified a golf clap or a tennis clap…not sure on… that?  Perhaps that’s for the better.  Loud raucous applause may send our new timid freshmen diving under their seats for cover.  The Republicans have now allowed the Democrats so much latitude to compromise the Governor’s budget that he may need to veto it.

The Governor has remained faithful to his promise to Maine.  The moderate Republicans have joined with the Democrats in standing squarely in the way of the Governor and the people of Maine.  The Republican Party must pass the Governor’s budget uncompromised or they will face more than the ire of the Executive office.  The Natives are getting restless.


  1. This is so frustrating and disappointing. And the State Republican Party wonders why Mainers aren’t contributing?!! I guess the Tea Party /former TABOR/ grass roots folks really did propel Paul to the Blaine House!

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