It is not to the loud, the brash and the bold

Where a seeker must first fix their gaze

To divine the source of the stalwart’s strong hold

When times needs a standard be raised

Look out past the bluster

Look out past the blow

Look out past the crave of the show

For none here are gallant with steel in their eyes

No, none here will know where strength lies


Ere’ lest we be swayed by the Piper’s pipe played

Let us deafen our ears to the sound

Through the siren’s sweet silver words seekers have strayed

For them strength has never been found

Press on through the lust

Press on through corruption

Press on through its sweetness deception

For these want your soul, your strong battle cries

They loathe that you love where strength lies


But I know where strength lies…..


Strength bounds in the hope that beats in the chest

Of a mother whose child suckles quiet on her breast

Father’s dreams shine anew in young children’s eyes

This seeker knows, I found where strength lies


Oft’ times we have seen on the strength of our dreams

They’ve taken our hopes for their power

And now so it seems for only their means

They’ve builded their own gilded tower

Fear not, those so used

Fear not, those betrayed

Fear not, souls and be not dismayed

For these cannot last with their towers of glass

If we hold to find where strength lies


For we know where strength lies….


Strength is found in the great hearts of women and men

Who stand unbending in the face of terror’s grave din

Soldiers who’ve died Soldiers who’ve lived

All have shown us what strength can give

In the citizens resolute, this truth we cannot refute

Leaders waver their voices soon mute

But under God’s Almighty hand the people still stand

With courage, hope and trust in His plan


So focus we must on the things we can trust

And not on the greed of mere men

Tho’ schemes are called grand oft’ times they go bust

And we face their failures again

Hold fast to your hopes

Hold fast to your dreams

Hold fast to your family and means

For many will come kings fall and they rise

But it’s the people who know where strength lies


Yes, We The People know where strength lies

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