Nearly 3,000 miles separate us from Arizona yet in recent days a Supreme Court decision has linked this western State with this most eastern State of Maine.   The Supreme Court has declared the Arizona State Clean Elections system unconstitutional.  The State of Maine has a Clean Elections Law that is a mirror image of Arizona’s.  It doesn’t take the deductive powers of Sherlock Holmes to figure out Maine’s Clean Elections may not be so clean under the keen scrutiny of the Constitution of the United States.

What the Supreme Court discovered in their deliberations is something the voting populace has understood for years.  It is morally reprehensible to take money from the public and then, in turn, use those monies to fund entities, programs or individuals that taxpayers may not agree with.  Of course, the citizens are endowed with an abundance of certain positive character traits that most politicians quickly find repulsive upon the acquisition of public office, those being, common sense and a moral compass.

For example, if candidate A and candidate B choose to run for public office and do so as clean elections candidates they receive an initial lump sum from the taxpayer, you and me.  This in itself creates a moral dilemma, as both conservative and liberal taxpayers must fund through their tax dollars candidates whom they find objectionable to their personal convictions and would not support if they had free choice.  Now, you might say that both sides have their standards violated so it’s essentially fair, it washes out.  Ummm….weeeeell….You, ….you really wouldn’t say that, would you?

But Clean Elections takes this travesty upon the public one step further with its matching funds provision.  If candidate B, who is a Conservative, works his tail off to raise $100,000.00 from his supporters, candidate A, who is a Liberal, doesn’t have to do a blasted thing and the taxpayers must pay candidate A the matching amount.  So essentially, for every dollar you give your candidate you support, you are forced through Clean Elections to give a matching dollar to the candidate you do not support.  Doesn’t that just make you feel warm and fuzzy all over?

This is the essence of elitism, which permeates the Democrat Party.  Only elites, who have freed themselves from the shackles of common sense, which so easily encumbers the lowly populace, can be trusted with the weighty decisions of society and its futures.  Aware that if the voters had free access to an uncomfortable thing called “the truth”, their progressive elite candidates would not fair so well.  But what if Democrats had the ability to force Conservatives to fund the very candidates they hope to defeat?   That, coupled with the various tax loopholes arranged for their George Soros type benefactors would make it almost impossible for Conservatives to compete in the message game and lies and half-truths would rule the day.

Then there is the Constitution.  Oh, that crusty old Constitution.  You see, Liberals, who pine after European Socialism, long for the day when the United States will mirror the crumbling societies of the lands across the sea.  In their eyes, government is the answer for the people and should rule over them.  Government knows better and can protect the people from themselves.  That’s why they espouse these many government programs, which stifle the voice of the public and eliminate voters’ right to choose.  But a bunch of guys in funny wigs and hats, who left Europe and wanted nothing to do with Europe, collaborated to create a document called the Constitution to insure we would never become Europe.  And this is the final levee against the onslaught of tyranny in our Country.

Our President doesn’t like it.  He called it a document of “negative liberties”.  It stands as a roadblock to the Democrat agenda.  The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the people, but instead of learning the lessons of the Constitution, the liberals have responded with a Time magazine article asking, “Does the Constitution really matter?”  Yes, yes, it does.  Thank God, it really, really does.

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