A Fine Mess

        Recently, the State Chairman of the Democrat Party published an article belittling the accomplishments of the new Governor of the State of Maine.  With the usual arrogant smug detachment from reality that generally accompanies any discourse from the deep yawning cavern of a liberal mind, this man fairly gloated over the what he characterized as a lack of improvement from the forty years of fiscal catastrophes that he and his Democrat friends have worked so hard to compile.  After all, the Governor has had all of 180 days.  Shouldn’t Governor LePage have corrected the litany of Democrat mismanagements by now?  The good Chairman, that’s sarcasm by the way, chose to ignore the fact the Governor LePage did one thing in six months that the Democrats didn’t do in forty years.  Enact welfare reform.  Oh, there is that.

But the Democrats are so proud.  They are so proud of this mountain of debt they have worked so hard to build.  It’s not everyone that can plan so perfectly how to make promises that you never intend to keep.  Then keep layering more lies upon broken promises upon false hopes until the bloated cancer is so entrenched it is virtually immovable.  Only Democrats could create such a scheme and get away with it and no Governor is going to turn this fiasco around in six months.  The Democrats are crowing with glee because no one, and they mean no one, can create a mess like a Democrat can.  “See,” they say, “this Governor can’t clean up our mess.  It’s… too….messy.”  Well, he did institute healthcare reform, just a trifle.  And he did make good on some promises that Governor Baldacci made and neglected to keep.

Which really burns the Democrats biscuits, doesn’t it?  Can’t Governor LePage understand that you just make the promises?  You don’t keep them?  The liberals had a good thing going.  Just promise “pie in the sky”, keep the entitlements flowing and keep raising those taxes.  Who cares if you can’t pay for it?!  We’re politicians.  We don’t have to pay for it.  We just vote our own salaries.  Raise the taxes!!!  What?!  Governor LePage just instituted one of the biggest tax cuts in Maine history and he plans to do more?  Ehh, Gaaddss!!!!  What does he think he’s doing?  Putting money back in people’s wallets?  This is unsettling to a Democrat’s delicate constitution.  Weelll, I can’t say that word either because it has negative implications to a Democrat, perhaps a Democrats delicate persona.

They comfort themselves with the knowledge that they have created such a gargantuan forty year mess that it will take much longer than six months to turn things around.  And with the help of their moderate Republican allies they just might be able to stall the cure long enough for the folks to get impatient.  Then they can have their power back and keep that big slimy stinking mess they’ve worked so hard over forty years to pile up.

Now, they’ve created a website called the “61% ers” or something.  Which is appropriate because Democrats have always viewed voters as merely numbers anyway.  It’s a “seeourmessissobadtheGovernorwillnevergetreelectedcausehecan’tfixourmesscauseitisreallybad” website.  I guess…if you like that kind hypocrisy…..

Oh, the Democrats are so proud.  So proud of the mess they’ve made.  Can’t you hear it in their voices?  They don’t think anyone can fix it.  We’ll see….  By the way, if you would like to ask the Governor and his commissioners about the mess the Democrats are so proud of, he will be holding a “Capital for a day” town hall meeting at Center Theatre in Dover-Foxcroft, Thursday at 6 PM.  Doors open at 5:15 PM.  See you there!!!!

One comment on “A Fine Mess

  1. Has the State income tax really been lowered? What is the new rate? I just moved to Brunswick from Scarborough and I feel like I have moved to the socialist capitol of Maine. I don’t even know if Brunswick has a Republican committee. Is there an active one? Help, i feel like the only conservative in my new what they like to call ;the largest town in Maine—–silly me, that is what we always called Scarborough and Scarborough is an over 65% “R” TOWN!!! Scarborough was my kind of Town. I miss it so much. K Schuyler

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