Liberty’s Progress

Liberty’s Progress


            Many years ago, but not so many as Nations go, a group of men with funny wigs and stubborn temperaments established a radical new causeway for a fledgling Nation to embark upon a progress for liberty.  Paved with the words of the Federalist Papers, Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, our Forefathers took the first resolute steps on this experiment called Democracy.  The road was rife with peril and almost immediately our enemies began to build off ramps enticing the unwary towards the regress of European fallacies, the failed government structures to which we had fought so hard and bitterly to be free of.  But under the firm hands of Thomas Jefferson, John and Samuel Adams, George Washington and so many others who were of one mind, this nation was set securely on a progress towards its inevitable emergence as the most powerful Nation on the face of the earth.  Bolstered by its belief in the one true God and bursting with the unfettered talents and futures of its diverse peoples, it seemed the United States would never be diverted from its course of freedom. Soon, it seemed, those Nations calling to it from the swamps of their mediocrity would examine their own failures, wisely choose to follow our example and join us on our way.

But time has a way of clouding the memory and this not so old Nation has allowed the enticements of universal acceptance to shake it from the resolve to be the standard for freedom.  Many of us who should have stood in vigilance are only now realizing the awful intent in those who work to crumble the great progress built by those before us.  It now falls to us to hail those lost in the confusing beltways, that meander off and lead in the dismal directions of the regress, to come back to Liberty’s Progress.

Many there are that would like for this nation to fully embark upon the regress and head back towards the bland grey haze of the inconsequential, forsaking our exceptional call to freedom.  There are many within our ranks.  These we thought perhaps were allies.  They present our greatest danger and bring us to the point of this symbolism.

The Democrats have long traversed the Regress and have been very open about their belief in the strength of government rather than the people.  But the moderate Republicans have been the builders of the off ramps from Liberty’s Progress.  We have seen in our own State how the Moderates have blocked the attempt from Conservatives and the people to return Maine to the Progress.  They have continued to try and mix statutes, which pave the causeways of the European socialist Regress, into the restorative policies our Governor wishes to implement.  These moderates openly campaigned on the fervor of the Tea Party, capitalizing on it.  Now, these politicians have betrayed those who trusted them and there is danger the Republican Party, as a whole, will pay for the misdeeds of a few.

So, I have an admonition to my friends in the Tea Party movement.  The Republican Party on its whole still represents the best opportunity to realize the revolution we seek in Maine.  If we abandon this path now, we will lose all the ground we have gained.  We must use the primary system to punish those who have opposed the Governor and the people.

My secondary admonition is to warn those who choose to challenge these moderates.  Make sure to pick viable stellar candidates with a strong apparatus to support them.  If not, you risk another clumsy, inept campaign such as what we have seen of Scott D’Amboise.  The only mark then left for political history is a mere reference point for non-partisan mockery.  We then do more damage than good.  We must take the next step in the maturation process of making wise decisions of progress rather than of regress.

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