Webster defines the word disdain as “to regard as beneath one’s dignity; scorn”.  The attitude and actions of the Democrat Party in these past weeks have given a clear stark real life representation of this definition.  From the President on down to State officials, the Democrat Party has collectively thumbed its nose at the citizens of this Nation.

The President has ordered the review of all deportment cases using the DRAIN, I mean, the DREAM ACT as the criteria for the review.  This is the legislation that was rejected by the majority of legal American citizens and, yes, even a bi-partisan congress.  But this President is above us and above our democracy with its document of “negative liberties”.  Whether the we the people want it or not, we are going to get the DRAIN FACTS, I mean, DREAM ACT shoved right down our throats.

Our Governor has stated emphatically that Maine does want another state park.  Our State Congress issued a statement against a state park.  The people of the second district in an overwhelming majority have rejected a state park. Yet a member of the President’s cabinet, Ken Salazar, has come to Millinocket to circumvent the people and force them to accept a state park.  Senator Doug Thomas asked Mr. Salazar to explain where his invitation to trample State and local authority had come from.  Mr. Salazar replied that he “invited himself”.

Oh, well see, that’s the problem with us little people in the upper serfdom of the 2nd District, we keep forgetting that having trees, lakes and streams in our backyards is a free license for the Democrat pompous to exercise their pomposity with arrogant impunity.  I’m sorry, Mr. Salazar.  I guess perhaps we should all forget we are citizens of a free nation, that you are a public servant, resign ourselves to bow before you and put your “boot on our necks”.  Sarcasm aside, my true feelings for Secretary Salazar’s scorn of our sovereign rights is not suitable for public discourse in an open forum.

The voters of the second district sent a loud message to the Governor and legislature that they want to have fair and equitable representation.  The Republicans came up with a redistricting plan that puts the 1st and 2nd districts within one vote of each other….one vote.  But the Democrats are furious at the thought of the second district receiving fair treatment because, remember, we are just supposed to be a wildlands project.  All is to be swallowed up into the bio-diversity as a sacrifice to mother earth that she might be appeased.  Now if those hicks up in the sticks get an even shake, they might turn their economies around.  People might start to prosper.  The paupers might get all filled up with themselves and lead a revolt.

The Democrats want to “invite themselves” into our lives to control our lives.  In order to achieve their goal, they will ignore the rule of law because they truly believe they are above the law.  In a historical context, this behavior would be considered tyranny.  The Democrats are rabid with power and the only cure is a steady dose of minority.  We the people must continue to block the Democrats from regaining power.  We must marginalize their influence.  Perhaps enough time spent on the sidelines will show Democrats the error of their ways but until then, remember this, there is only one response the Democrats have for the will of the people…disdain.

One comment on “Disdain

  1. We really need to use their verbage on them. I have been doing this for some time now. They are the “radical” ones and we need to be pointing the finger back at them. We are not the left or the right. We are the center. We simply must get this state and country back to the center. We also need to be continually correcting the misrepresentations that they so easily and endlessly spin, be it at the local, state of federal level. Voters need and deserve facts. Education and truth are the answers.


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