A Picture Says…..

Seems to be some ruffled feathers among those candidates bringing up the rear behind Bruce Poliquin in the U.S. Senate primary.  Many of the trailing candidates are complaining that the State Treasurer has put out an ad with a picture of him with the Governor.  These disgruntled candidates whine, as their being lapped, that the Treasurer has somehow crossed the line.  But Secretary of State Charlie Summers admitted in his complaint this morning on the George Hale and Ric Tyler show that they all have pictures with the Governor.  So why not use them?  Are they ashamed of the Governor?  Governor LePage is easily the most popular politician within the Republican ranks so it stands to reason to use a photo with the Governor.  Sounds like good campaigning.  Why haven’t the other campaigns used the Governor to their advantage?  Maybe that’s why their cries of foul are coming from the behind through the dust of front running Bruce Poliquin.

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