King of Wind Meets King of Slurpee

Maine people will just have to get used to seeing windmills on top of their mountains or at least that’s the decree issued to Maine residents by Angus King, self-crowned Majesty of all Maine’s landscape.  This was King’s answer to landowner complaints about seeing large white windmills atop of once idyllic mountains, views of which these retirees had hoped to enjoy from their lakeside cabins.  These residents were further incensed to hear that their own taxes had paid for the twirling monstrosities blocking their view of the fall foliage.  The response from Maine’s wind magnate, “Get used to it!”

The greatest of all Stealth Democrats has now joined forces with a new dictator.  He is the self-proclaimed Lord of all Calories and the Administrator of all Caloric Consumption and he’s backing King.  Yes, Mayor Bloomberg has insisted he knows best when any of his subjects in Gotham City belly up to the table or purchase any hated sweet syrupy things in large quantities from local corner stores.  Starting with banning large Big Gulp size sodas, Bloomberg has continued on his crusade against any form of food he finds offensive until the Big Apple, no, not a candy apple, knuckles under to his mandated menu.  When the not so loyal subjects complained that their diet was really none of the Mayor’s business, the Mayor’s response was a not so subtle, “Get used to it!”

Ah, aren’t they just a match made in heaven?  The Lord of the Wind and the Lord of the Belly.  Of course, wind blowing and food consumption go hand in hand and who better to be in charge of that than two corrupt politicians….and the answer is definitely blowing in the wind…I just couldn’t help myself…. I just couldn’t ….

Michelle Obama’s mandated menus are a big hit…in the bottom of the trashcan.  Yes, taxpayers, we have spent a lot of money to straighten out these kid’s bellies and they are chucking our federally mandated help right in the waste bucket.   Schools say they are going to combat this by sticking surveillance cameras on the trashcans to catch the many offenders.  Of course, I’m just a back woods hick but I think you can look in the cans, find the mounds of discarded food, and deduce that the kids don’t like what they are eating.  On the bright side, young children with entrepreneurial minds are smuggling in tasty food and selling those nasty calories.  They’re making a killing.  Ah, capitalism.

Americans.  We are Americans, are we not?  Then why do we allow self-indulgent despots to hand us a limited menu of choices?  Why do we allow the arrogant to stand over us and decide our futures?  If we allow those to stand and block the view of our wishes and hand us their own without options, then we will be left looking at a future not to our liking and the only answer left us will be, “Get used to it!”

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