Poliquin to Co-Sponsor Bill on Individual Mandate

Tomorrow morning when bills are gaveled in at the House of Representatives, Representative Bruce Poliquin of Congressional District Two in the State of Maine will co-sponsor a bill to repeal the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act.  The bill, H.R. 143, The Patient Freedom Act, targets the Individual Mandate, which requires citizens to purchase health insurance, to be repealed after 2013. The bill will be posted on the Congressman’s website tomorrow morning but TMCV has obtained this link to the summary.

This is just the latest of several bills that Poliquin has co-sponsored or supported to go after the many egregious violations of the Constitution found in the Affordable Care Act. Poliquin has publicly stated that he wishes to repeal ObamaCare in its entirety and replace it with a free-market solution.  As he and his colleagues work to craft a plan to repeal and put healthcare back into the private sector, Poliquin has been going after parts of the government healthcare.

H.R 30, the Save American Workers Act, was a bill to restore the definition of a full time worker to a 40 hr week.  This passed easily with Poliquin’s support.  Poliquin will co-sponsor H.R. 160, Protect Medical Innovation Act of 2015, and it will repeal the medical device tax.   Sources in Poliquin’s office say that more are on the way and Poliquin is looking forward to reviewing plans from Republicans on a free-market healthcare solution.  So be aware of updates.

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