Funny, Fuzzy, Funky Math

In the latest installment of the blind hatred of Christianity, a liberal activist claims that those 30,000 individuals who donated to the Memories Pizzeria are all tools of Koch Bros, who donated $29,000 each.  I realize I’m just a backwoods construction guy, but I multiplied 29 and 3 added the zeros and it came out $870,000,000, which is pretty good take for pizzeria.  Then I doubled checked it on a calculator to make sure, yep, that’s six zeroes after you multiply 29 and 3.  Just to be sure, I divided $842,000 by 30,000 and I came out with $28, give or take few cents, per those rich 30,000 rich Koch Bros tools.  I think my calculator must be in league with the Koch Bros.

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