Monday Irony

The same people who called me a child killer this weekend for selling raffle tickets for a gun are probably celebrating the repeal of the protection for the life of a child in the womb this weekend in Ireland.


Red Flag White Flag Surrender


Once again the people of this Republic have been challenged by a great crisis in our midst and, once again, politicians are doing everything in their power to do everything but address the crisis with a solution. For politicians, in keeping with the teachings of Rahm Emmanuel, a crisis, however great or small, is an opportunity for advancement of agenda not solutions. For leaders of this ilk, our society of today is rife with opportunity for advancement of leftists ideals.

The open war upon our children in our schools has shown a glaring light upon damaged individuals who are willing to focus their demented hatred on this Nation’s softest targets, our children. But the glare of scrutiny is being shifted away, by opportunistic punditry, from the most telling question of all: Why? Why are public schools our nation’s softest targets, why is mental illness so high among our youth, and why are the laws, in place to deal with the mentally ill, repeatedly ignored?

Instead, politicians call for new legislation, new opportunities to increase their power to “address” a problem they’ve already ignored. Such is the Red Flag gun control legislation being foisted upon the people of Maine. So while good people are asking for answers to the problems in our mental health system, politicians respond, sensing an opportunity to exploit the hurt, rage, and confusion of honest citizens, to further the end game of gun confiscation.

The Red Flag gives law enforcement the authority to confiscate the weapons of a citizen if an significant other perceives or believes the owner of the weapons is a threat for violence or mentally ill. If enacted, Red Flag becomes an end-a-round the Constitution and perception, instead of evidence, becomes the means of conviction. Striking while emotions are high and hot has been the most effective means of leftist activist for centuries and history’s violent cycle is at our door again.

Make no mistake, the final goal of all gun control legislation is confiscation. Perception is the malleable threshold gun control activists have dreamed of to make that end goal a reality. For in the end, those who hold the standards, in laws based on perception, have the ultimate power to manipulate the lives of their fellow Americans.

The Left has long decried the negative restraints of the Constitution. They have used and are using the time proven albeit infamous tactics to subvert civil law and a Constitutional Republic: Crisis, violence, popular emotion, mob rule, public shaming, negative perception, and intimidation. This all in an effort to create an atmosphere were laws and law enforcement is based on emotion and perception.

Who interprets the validity of the perception? The Truth in what is perceived? Is it the same government that regularly dismisses those that criticize it as small minded or mentally ill?

Or will it be the media elites of our country who sniff disdainfully at those who embrace the beliefs of Christianity as being mentally ill? Or those same elites and politicians who blame the over six million members of the NRA, who have never committed a crime, for the mindless killing of our children and label those God-fearing law-abiding citizens as terrorists? Should we allow politicians this authority to regulate the powers of perception over our lives when they embrace and defend MS-13, Ha-mas, and, in turn, disparage, denigrate their own citizens they are sworn with oath to defend?

Red Flag legislation is just another gateway legislation to confiscation. It is agenda based, not solutions based, with a goal for power that is easily manipulated to target those deemed unfit by the powers that be or think they should be. This should be a red flag to people of common sense not to wave the white flag in the midst of emotion and surrender Rights dearly paid for.

History teaches us that each step down the road towards weapons confiscation is a step irreversible with dire consequences, with all the dismissive retorts of conspiracy notwithstanding, which have been heard before. Instead of relinquishing our rights to trial, redress, and defense, we should be demanding our government enforce the laws given. It is to this end that our Founders foresaw that we should be armed for if we are uncomfortable with the government’s perception of us now, imagine if we are unarmed.

Of What Is Hallowed, Honored, or Human


The complete demise of civil debate in our society today is by far the greatest travesty that the modern sectarian has inflicted upon this Republic. Communication is dead and respect of the individual is crushed beneath it’s corpse. A differing opinion than that of the tolerant tyrant is treated as a cancerous plaque rather than a healthy antidote to a narrow, blinding, self-ingratiating worldview.

Coupled with this stupor is the inability to compartmentalize issues, opinions, and beliefs. This is best represented in the constant criticism of Christians for their support of the President, as if they are embracing Donald Trump as their Prophet, Priest, and Pastor rather than their President. This simply highlights a fundamental difference of perspective for government.

True conservatives do not view government as their god. There is no expectation of the Hallowed that is attached to the government of man. While scripture encourages Christians to honor their leaders, mankind must be keenly aware that infallibility is not vested in the governing institutions of our Republic. This was a strong belief of Founding Fathers and one of the main reasons for establishing this Republic.

Demanding that a politician adhere to the same high standards of morality as that of clergy or even Deity skews purity of character over qualification in much the same way as making the same demands of a carpenter. For both job descriptions, the politician and the carpenter, the Christian is more comfortable with the individual who has coupled exceptional morality with exceptional job qualification, but if, in the completion of the commission of the task at hand, the individual of less than sterling character is more qualified to complete the task than the person of impeccable morality, the most qualified must do the job.

That is not to say that a Christian should condone bad behavior nor is it saying that a Christian is condoning bad behavior by honoring a person’s qualification. As it pertains to this President, the Christian should not demand a flawed man be the shining embodiment of a hallowed saint, yet, by the same token, Christians should not dismiss his moral failings or try by some tortured strangulation of Scripture to extract virtue from blatant sin. The Biblical approach to this President is to honor him by virtue of the fact that the people chose him to be most qualified to deal with the situation our Nation finds itself in right now.

But how could Christians chose him? While I did not chose him, I am a Christian and I can explain the reasoning which is found through out scripture, if one would chose to read it. Its really not so difficult to understand.

First, Donald Trump is not God, a Minister, Priest, or Rabbi. He is our highest ranking public servant. The Christian views spiritual leaders of more importance than political leaders.

Second, the Bible is filled with stories of very flawed individuals who were raised up leadership. Moses a murderer, David an adulterer and a murderer, Jacob a conniving thief, Paul the Apostle a murderer, Peter a coward, and the list could go on. Christians know that leaders are not God but they can be used by him.

Christians believe in redemption above all things. It is the foundation of our faith. Christians are also admonished not to judge a man’s heart but his actions.

So when the President said he was sorry for past behavior, the Bible compels us to forgive as we have been forgiven. While cynics mock faith as blind allegiance, people of faith view the human leader as just that, a human. Through the prism of their faith, they decipher between his qualification and his morality. They have deemed him, however flawed, qualified to be their leader for this time, and, so far, the President has proven their calculations correct.