Governor LePage Introduces Welfare Reform

The LePage Administration has sent out a media advisory announcing that the Governor, along with Commissioner Mayhew, Senate President Thibodeau, and House Republican Leader Fredette, will hold a news conference Monday April 6th at 1 pm where they will announce the Governor’s plan to reform welfare.  The highlights of the plan will include preventing the use of TANF benefits for alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets, and bail.  The reforms will also prevent TANF recipiants from using their EBT cards out of State, require “job-ready” TANF applicants to look for three jobs before receiving benefits, and strengthen penalties for abuse of the system.  All said, it would seem that they have another red flag to wave in front of the liberal bull.  And bull we shall hear forthcoming from the liberals in a steady stream after the Governor makes his announcement.

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