A Willfully Wacky World

Its just astounding to watch the willful wacky contortions liberals will put themselves through just to attack Christians. CEO’s who berate  Christians for adhering to their personals beliefs about not promoting or sanctioning gay marriage and yet will spend millions in Countries that execute individuals who are gay.  Still others, such as Wal-Mart, decry the Christian faith and announce their support for Sharia Law and also do business with those that execute gays.  Now we have Universities that are banning Easter Services.  The persecution has just ramped up.  History is repeating itself because we willfully refused to learn from it.

3 comments on “A Willfully Wacky World

  1. I thought there was some interesting potential here for exploring the fact that humans excel at contradictory behavior, and at justifying their inconsistencies. Instead I got a laundry list of talking points with links to Fox “News” articles. Oh well…

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