Keep Your Word

After all the prognostication and hand wringing, there is really one simple reason why the AHCA failed. The Republicans, once again, did not keep their word. They campaigned repeatedly for months pounding the mantra of “repeal and replace”. This “plan” did not repeal so it had zero chance to replace, because without repeal there is no need to replace. Not once did I hear Republicans campaign on “revamp and retool”. So now the GOP needs to “reset and regroup” and find the intestinal fortitude to do what they said they would do.

One comment on “Keep Your Word

  1. Truth of the matter is this. You I am everyone else says each election cycle no my Rep my senator is good he or she is for the people of our state
    Wrong quit lying to yourselves. It’s time to dump the lying liberal Republicans as well their progressive counter parts in Congress .it is Time for the Article V Constitutional Convention of states. Reality must set in Career politicians Career Burracrats are only interested in serving themselves. Let’s end all that with term limits.

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