Wednesday’s Wisdom

Here is my thought for today, and it is a follow-up to my Blue Wave comment yesterday: If Republicans campaign on defending the 2nd Amendment and call out the Left for seeking to repeal the 2nd Amendment, we just might see a Red Wave in the Mid-Terms. But Republicans have a consistent history of self-destruction and capitulation…time will tell. The 2nd Amendment is a winning issue, but too often the GOP get their campaign strategy from the Legacy Media.

Tuesday Truth

If there is a Blue Wave in the mid-term election, it will not be because Americans have embraced the socialist policies of the left. It is because, once again, the Republicans have lied to the people and voted for the very things they promised they wouldn’t. Can anyone say, “The same thing happens every time”? The only hope for the Republicans is the recent rabid attacks by the Left on the 2nd Amendment; that is…if…a big if….the Republicans can find the intestinal fortitude to stand for the 2nd Amendment instead of the usual default to cowering capitulation.

Monday Irony (triple shot)

I haven’t done a Monday Irony in a couple of weeks so here’s a triple shot of Irony:

Toys-R-Us, a major donor to Planned Parenthood, says its closing it’s doors because millennials are not having babies.

Republicans who claim to be Pro-Life have just voted for an Omnibus budget that completely funds Planned Parenthood.

Just so impressed by the Puppets of Parkland, I mean, students of Parkland who knew enough about our tax laws to file 501c4 to shield info on their donors from public scrutiny. But why go to all that trouble to cover up bottle drives, bake sales, and car washes? I mean this just a student movement, right? Nothing to hide, right?

The Republican Waffle

The Republican Waffle

Oh, it’s that ominous Dance
The people’s game of Chance
Now that a victory’s Won
Just how will it all be Undone?

The Republican Waffle

We knew it would Come
Like the beat of Drum
They passed Tax Reform
Then scurry back to the Norm

Surprised somehow they’ve Won
Where did that spine come from?
Our legislation broke Tradition
To ask the Democrats Permission

The Republican Waffle
It’s kinda like a Shuffle
When they run from a Scuffle
It’s the Republican Waffle

It’s not a dancing Craze
Just the usual Haze
Afraid to seize the Day
They cower at the donkey Bray

The Republican Waffle

We gave them what they asked
With a list of Tasks
But they found so many Ways
And means to avoid the Frays

Just a mere Rebuttal
Will cause Ole’ Mitch to Scuttle
The plans he’s Makin’
For Schumer’s Belly-achin’

The Republican Waffle
It’s kinda like a Shuffle
When they run from a Scuffle
It’s the Republican Waffle