Read all the child rearing books and they will tell you that most often when you have children, one will be the strong-willed child and another will be the compliant one. No such luck for me! I have been blessed with three variations of the strong-willed, defiant child.

Two boys, whom I have tagged my “two knuckleheads”, (A term of affection that I can assure you did not start out that way) that have proven to have a strength of will that can try the most stalwart of heart. Their sister, well, for example, after watching “The Sound of Music” with her mother, she was dancing in the living room doing her best imitation of Julie Andrews atop the Alps, when the “two knuckleheads” entered, engaged in fierce light-saber battle, and disrupted her idyllic “the hills are alive” moment by tumbling over the top of her and falling to the floor in a heap. She promptly retaliated by shouting at them, “Brothers, can’t you see I’m dancing here?!” and threw herself on top of the heap of “knuckleheads” putting her knuckles to their heads; in other words, she’s just a female version of her brothers.

Welcome to my world. I should have known this would happen when a man, who does not shy from stating his opinion, married a strong powerful woman, who is no wallflower. It stands to reason that three little images of us would from time to time be staring back defiantly, testing boundaries, and causing us to scramble to the phone, calling their grandparents to ask the proverbial “How did you do it?”, and desperately flipping through the pages of child rearing books.

It was in those moments that I learned something in the desperate conversations and frustrated reading of book pages from those wiser than me. Stop honoring the tantrums with your attention. Amazingly, when my wife and I started putting the children out of our presence when they were throwing the tantrums, they began to stop.

This is in no wise eliminates discipline; in fact, separating them from our presence was a source a discipline. I was guilty of allowing myself to hover over every tantrum or outburst trying to correct it. This is not a child rearing lesson for I am far from qualified in that regard, but I am drawing a parallel from knowledge gained from those who are.

With the poor behavior of the Parkland High students on full display for the nation to see, we have been guilty of the same mistake that is so easy for adults to make. In our haste to address the tantrums, either to correct and confront, or placate and pacify, we have given attention to the narcissism of a spoiled child. Children may be the greatest narcissists that have ever walked God’s green earth!

A narcissist thrives on attention, positive and negative. A child narcissist has even more power to control attention because adults feel they are required to pay attention to the outbursts. These children have been given a national spotlight by the press and a license to attack their fellow adult citizens by wealthy celebrities.

But the constant negative attention they are receiving from those us who feel compelled to combat their poor behavior simply feeds their power. So let’s stop! Stop feeding the egos of tiny little despots!

Let’s focus on the many teenagers who still have respect for the 2A rights of their fellow adult citizens. Let’s focus on getting out the votes for those candidates who truly support the 2nd Amendment. Let’s take back our power and keep it!

-Andy Torbett

Monday Irony (triple shot)

I haven’t done a Monday Irony in a couple of weeks so here’s a triple shot of Irony:

Toys-R-Us, a major donor to Planned Parenthood, says its closing it’s doors because millennials are not having babies.

Republicans who claim to be Pro-Life have just voted for an Omnibus budget that completely funds Planned Parenthood.

Just so impressed by the Puppets of Parkland, I mean, students of Parkland who knew enough about our tax laws to file 501c4 to shield info on their donors from public scrutiny. But why go to all that trouble to cover up bottle drives, bake sales, and car washes? I mean this just a student movement, right? Nothing to hide, right?



Prosecutors in Florida will seek the death penalty against the killer in the Parkland Florida shooting. It remains to be seen whether a conviction can be reached in a society and legal system that prefers to convict on emotion rather than fact and evidence. That the killer in Florida is worthy of death is without question, but what of those who are culpable in the crime and, if history serves, will escape unscathed and ignored for their dereliction which aided and abetted this horror.

Justice must be served. Much of the anarchy we see in our society has been exacerbated by the Lady Justice’s new modern look, sans blindfold, and her new found eyesight finds her constantly redrawing the lines and administering new guidelines to whom, what , when, and to what severity punitive redress should meted out. Still, as the cold law of a civil society demands this sickness be purged from our land, the warm heart of it’s people grieve that a young boy, so troubled, would have never had the opportunity to take so many young innocent lives had the adults in positions of responsibility, in direct contact with this boy, done their job, their due diligence, and how that this boy alone will face the justice he deserves, while those who are culpable in his infamy will walk this land alive with no check to their destructive behavior.

The Parkland shooting will go down as the most preventable mass shooting in history. Layers upon layers of our criminal justice system failed to do their job even when the boy contacted them directly to essentially say, “I’ve got a problem. I want to kill people.” From the FBI right down to the deputy on duty at the school campus, no one did their job.

Those who celebrate the demise of this great Republic and the encroachment on Natural Born Liberties have engaged in the age old tradition of inflaming angry mobs against the innocent to keep the glaring light of public scrutiny off those political leaders who are guilty. Politicians whose insidious agenda waits for these moments have pounced quickly to capitalize and others who are cowards have hurriedly moved forward with short-sighted, foolish, and reactionary legislation. The media orchestrates the children, marionette game pieces in a lurid, shameless game.

Illinois, in an effort to keep 18 to 21 year olds from becoming criminals, has passed a law making any 18 to 21 year old who owns an AR rifle a criminal, and then authorizing the government to engage in the criminal activity of gun confiscation. Florida, in an effort to show the Nation what true clumsy cowardice looks like, has banned 18 to 21 year olds from purchasing guns, ignoring the fact the a large number in that age bracket who purchase guns for personal protection are young females. With all the forethought, perception and intellectual dexterity of a bad remake of the Keystone Kops, Florida has just stripped the young ladies of their state from purchasing the protection of the great equalizer in the gender divide, a gun.

But in the midst of this haze and stupor of manipulation and hysteria, no one is looking at the true culprits, the law enforcement agencies who had direct access to the killer and neglected to do their job. The FBI was contacted by family, warning them of his threats to kill people. Perhaps the most culpable, the Broward County Sheriff, was contacted nearly thirty times about his behavior and knew of his posts on social media threatening to kill his fellow students while brandishing weapons.

One arrest for those posts with a weapon would have resulted in a felony and prevented the boy from purchasing a weapon. Why no arrest? The school district, in conjunction with the Sheriff’s Dept., had implemented a new system, borrowed from the State of Illinois, (Yes, the state that just made young adults criminals to keep them from being criminals.) to lower the high crime in juveniles by…not…arresting…them.

The boy had been suspended six times from Parkland School then reintegrated. This is failure of school leadership. Then finally the deputy who was on duty recognized the boy when he exited the Uber vehicle, knew he was under suspension and barred from the campus, and never executed his duty to engage the boy and ask, “Why are you here and what are you carrying?” Later that deputy is seen on security cams cowering outside while children inside were being slaughtered.

If the killer is convicted and receives the just penalty of death for his crime, there stands a whole line of accomplices in his shadow of horror. Adults who lacked the courage and integrity to act like adults and stand in the way to block his path toward destruction. Parkland would not have happened if those who swore an oath to protect and to serve had not been derelict in their duty to do both.


Written by Andy Torbett