Lethal Weapon


The cry of decency has been buried beneath the din of opportunism and exploitation. The decent man has been forced into battle to protect his rights when he would prefer silence to honor the dead. The onslaught is upon us, trampling the graves that have yet to be filled with the fallen.

But is was inevitable. The shameless have become predictable, bludgeoning Americans into a dull, numb apathy. We are a tired, we are worn, and we are sick of being blamed for the monstrosities of every madman.

It was interesting to hear a recent caller to radio program insist that he enlighten the listening world that one should see by looking at a black rifle that it is designed to kill. Yes, all guns are designed to kill just as knives are designed to cut and hammers are designed to pound. A weapon’s efficiency does not preclude it from use.

So, predictably, we are here again, reminding the willfully ignorant that the Second Amendment is not for hunting or sport, but it is the fail-safe our Founders acknowledged in protecting our Natural Born Right to self-defense against the most lethal weapon of all, government. They knew that a government without the restraint of the people is by its own very nature oppressive. It must put down dissent to ensure its own survival.

This writer is a gun owner but in no wise an expert. I am just now understanding what a bump stock is. I do know, with strong conviction, that the people must have weapons that level the field with the government. This the purpose of the Second Amendment; to insure a government that fears the people.

Every government that has taken the Natural Born Right of the people to self-defense away has always perpetrated violence upon those citizens. Any voice of dissent by the populace is squashed with violence. This is without exception. So remember this simple truth as these redundant arguments boil and regurgitate again; the most lethal weapon on this earth is armed government unrestrained by an disarmed citizens.

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