Shall Not Be Infringed

The phrase in itself seems clear and declarative but stunningly confounding to those who claim an elite intellect. Our leaders are buckling, and somehow we knew they would. It would seem that the time to infringe upon our rights and capitulate in their defense is when madmen are railing against them. The test of true courage is to defend your core values when all have abandoned you.

I oppose the changing of the age a person can purchase a gun to 21. Apart from the fact that it is infringement, and the 2nd Amendment didn’t allow for partial infringement, this observation from my experience fixes my stance. I have seen a growing section of our society that desperately needs self-defense.

Underneath another hat that I have worn, I coordinated call centers in our recent effort to thwart Mayor Bloomberg’s attempt to institute gun control here in Maine. One of the facilities we used was a local gun shop. I learned from the instructors there that a large portion of those applying for concealed carry and gun courses where young single mothers, along with single young women.

For these young women between the ages of 18-21, a gun is an equalizer. In a world increasingly filled with predators, it is wrong to take this constant protector away from these ladies. Again, in our haste to placate the tantrums of the aggrieved, the vulnerable will be left unprotected.

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