Monday Irony

The Maine media punditry has circled the wagons around their collective talking point that challenging RCV at the Federal level erodes the peoples’ confidence in the “institution” of voting, seemingly oblivious to the millions of dollars, and years of political spin, spent on ads, campaign mailings, and signature drives, all in a effort to erode the voters’ confidence in Maine’s already constitutionally established voting system.

One comment on “Monday Irony

  1. Rank choose voting, was intended to disregard voters intent. Eliminating the very consitutional rights The left profess to exalt. Yes cheating through means of confusion, distortion ,perversion , obfuscation , diversion. deflection & Out right LYING.
    I have one huge question ? What is this crap we must fill out our ballets using a lead pencil only . Ballets filled out using pens or sharpies with be rejected. Are they insinuating that they prefer the ability to alter ,change a voters intent but cannot if filled out with a pen or sharpie.?

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