Sponsoring Betrayal



Strange things, strange reports coming out of Augusta.  Yes, there are reports of unanimous bipartisan agreement on a bill; no, two bills in committee.  Democrats and Republicans alike found common ground to kill two bills in committee that would have increased the financial burden upon the people of Maine; more specifically, the hunters and sportsmen of Maine.

The first bill to discuss was LD 89.  This bill was put forth to establish a penalty for Mainers if they did not register their snow machines by a certain date.  The sole sponsor of the bill was Senator Doug Thomas.

If LD 89, An Act to Establish a Deadline for Snowmobile Registration, had been approved by the committee, it would have set a deadline for snow machine registration at December 31st and, if any Mainer had been so disobedient to mother government as to miss the set deadline, they would be punished with an additional $20 fine added to the registration fee.  This is just another blatant money grab by our government.  Thankfully, Paul Davis, the rest of the Republicans, and amazingly, all the Democrats on the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee voted in unison to kill the bill.  At least someone had the backs of rural Maine.

But there’s more.  Doug Thomas has co-sponsored a bill with Dennis Keschl , LD 153, that would create a comprehensive hunting and fishing license.  Sound’s like a great idea at first glance and some sportsmen’s’ blogs were in support, but, when one delves into the bones of the bill, the details reveal just another money grab.

Further, research shows that hunters will lose more than they will gain. First of all, studies show that over 70% of hunters, a strong majority, only hunt deer, so for a majority of hunters, this is a  $13 increase. Bow hunters would be excluded from further deer hunting if they harvested a deer during bow season.

The long lists of items that are excluded from the “comprehensive” license belie the title.  One thing is sure; deer hunters would be targeted for an increase.  They are getting the proverbial…antler.

Remember hunters; there was a comprehensive license at one time.  Government kept cutting specific hunts out of that license bringing us to this point today.  They would repeat that process again.  It’s always about getting more of your money.

Again, thankfully, the Republicans and Democrats voted with one voice, in the IF&W, to kill this bill.  It is amazing that a Senator who is supposed to represent the voters in the foothills of the 100 mile wilderness would sponsor bills that could penalize businesses so integral to the 2nd District: hunting and snow machining.  Senator Thomas can find some solace in the fact that he had a unifying influence in Augusta.  He sponsored and co-sponsored bills that were so egregious and punitive to the people of Maine that there was unanimous and bi-partisan consent to kill the bills in order to protect the people of Maine.




When The Maine Conservative Voice was started, it was my desire to be just that, a voice.  The hope was to make political leaders, both statewide and nationally, aware that the conservative movement was not dead in Maine, but alive and well.  What a humbling experience it has been to have so many people in rural Maine shake my hand and say thank you for lending a voice to their beliefs and convictions.

The hope has always been that conservatives across Maine would unify in one force and work together to set Maine free from the tyranny of liberal and socialist agendas.  Time has passed and TMCV has been able to have some influence, along with other groups, on Maine’s political landscape.  Still, progress has been slowed and marred by competing egos and personal agendas.

My greatest fear when I began this column and blog was that eventually I would grow numb to the corruption and become a silent observer.  While there are some positions that I hold where ethics require silence, still my passion to expose unscrupulous behavior remains undaunted.  But what if the betrayal comes from leaders you have worked closely with and supported?  What then?  How could I retain the integrity of the ideals I set forth with if I remained silent?

I understand compromise and that it is a vital part of our political system.  What I do not understand is calling yourself a conservative yet forming an alliance with one of the most liberal members of your party.  I cannot comprehend campaigning across a Senate District touting your support of the Governor’s agenda to secure conservative votes and then joining political forces with the one man who has worked tirelessly to subvert the Governor’s policies and conservative ideals.  I am astounded that a man can campaign as a social conservative and then join forces with the very man who has fought to subvert everything social conservatives stand for.  But this is what we find in the latest revelations from the political soap opera that is Senator Doug Thomas.

Senator Roger Katz of Augusta recently held a fundraiser for Senator Thomas in his law office in Augusta.  For those who don’t know, Roger Katz and the Pretentious Eight, as I have dubbed them, wrote an infamous op-ed against the Governor in an attempt to undermine his leadership at the very onset of his administration.  Roger Katz has repeatedly opposed many of the initiatives the conservatives have put forth.  It was Katz that spearheaded a move by liberal Republicans to help Democrats overturn the Governor’s veto of a budget that raised taxes on the Maine people.

And Doug Thomas is breaking financial bread with him?  In political speak, fundraising for a candidate is a statement of allegiance.  There are no political favors without one in return.  Conservatives had been uncomfortable with the various sightings of Thomas and Katz at public functions, but there was no way to verify a betrayal until now.

It’s no secret the Roger Katz has been maneuvering for power in the legislature to build his campaign against the Governor.  Obviously, he has found that the “Honorable” Doug Thomas can be bought, easily.  Katz wants Thomas’s vote for leadership and rumors have a way of materializing. Doug Thomas is selling out his fellow conservatives and the Governor for money.

TMCV has worked hard in the past to support and elect Doug Thomas into office.  I have written many columns in his behalf.  That ends now.  I have grown tired of the duplicity.  I will not look the other way and be silent.

When confronted on his behavior, Senator Thomas responded that it doesn’t matter and the people don’t care.  I was told that I don’t understand how business is done. Actually, I do understand and I’m tired of business as usual.  I will not be silent.  I will be a voice for truth.  We must stand for what we believe if we truly want to Set Maine Free.

Response to Ric Tyler’s Attack on Paul Davis


I wish that I could have responded while Paul was on the radio with Ric Tyler but I was trapped in the cab of my pickup on the way to a Dr’s appointment with no phone, no computer, left only to yell at the radio and pound the dash of my truck.  Now home, I will attempt to engage in a far more constructive means of communication and debate.  There are several things Mr. Tyler needs to be aware of:


First, I am one of the several individuals that Senator Thomas called immediately after his conversation with Paul Davis at the Blaine House barbecue to use our friendship and influence with Rep. Davis to ask him to run for the Senate seat.  Doug explained to me that he was tired of the demands of the Senate District, which before redistricting was the largest east of the Mississippi, and felt also that it was important that Paul stay involved in politics.  Doug Thomas also told me clearly that Doug had told Paul that he was willing to step aside if Paul wanted run for the new Senate seat, District 4.


I think the heated exchange between Mr. Tyler and Rep Davis on the East/West issue is in itself a flaming example to how this whole project was botched.  Because Sen. Thomas and Peter Vique brought the public sector into the equation with the feasibility bill, Conservatives are now caught in the confusing and awkward debate on whether to defend infrastructure and progress or stand against government intrusion into private business because the two have become entwined and not separated.  These heated debates are happening all over Piscataquis County right now, fracturing and weakening a very strong Republican bastion.  This mismanagement falls directly at the feet of Senator Doug Thomas.  Why was a feasibility study bill even needed when eventually the DOT would have done this very thing as a matter of course? Unless, Sen. Thomas thought this would be his own political crowning achievement; instead, it has become his political millstone.


Rep. Davis is right to be concerned that this project could end up on the backs of taxpayers.  Given its clumsy fumble out of the gate, the taxpayers should be wary.  The lack of transparency from the beginning has many strong republicans in the North Woods angry and distrustful of Sen. Thomas.  Paul Davis is right and wise to be running for this seat.  Simply put, the people of the 2nd district trust Paul Davis and they do not trust Doug Thomas.


Ric Tyler’s rebuke of Davis’ critique that Vique should have got his plan perfected in private before he went public shows a fundamental misunderstanding of good business.  I am a small businessman.  I can tell you that when I have a new business idea the first thing I am told by those I wish to present it to is that you better have all your plan in place, all your answers ready and prepared to handle the tough questions before you make your presentation.  Peter Vique broke the cardinal rule of business.  He wasn’t prepared for questions.  As a result Doug Thomas, Piscataquis County and Northern Maine are paying the price for being involved either by choice or not.


Presenting your plan before its complete and ready reduces the chance of transparency insomuch that as the confusion ensues from lack of information one cannot even begin to present their ideas.  All the time then is consumed by explaining and defending ill-informed attacks, putting out the constant fires of diversion, and all the truth is soon lost in the dust of contention.  This is the East/West highway failure.  Someone tried to expose the process before the product. Someones ego got ahead of common sense.


Finally, Ric Tyler’s foolish attack on Paul Davis that his questioning of the East/West debacle shows that Paul is anti-business is reckless at best and at worst a grotesque insult to the great conservative legacy that Paul Davis has firmly imprinted on the whole of the State of Maine.  Mr. Tyler needs to apologize to Rep. Davis for his thoughtless attack.  Spirited debate is one thing but groundless insults are another.  It should be noted that I had to enter the Dr’s office before the conclusion of the interview and perhaps Mr. Tyler composed himself and retracted those errant statements.  It should also be noted that I will be posting this email response on my website at The Maine Conservative Voice.

Stand Down!


For seven hours two Navy Seals held off the terrorists in Benghazi, waiting for the support to arrive.  One hour away, marines were stationed and ready to assist.  General Ham, Commander of AFRICOM, wanted to send his troops to the aid of those in the Embassy, who were calling for aid, when he was told by his Commander-and-Chief to “Stand Down”.  When General Ham ignored the order, he was apprehended by his second in command and relieved of duty.

While two Navy Seals heroically held off a compound over run with terrorists, the President held off their military support, watched in the situation room of the White House until the two men were dead, and then jetted off to Vegas for a fund raising event.  Yes, the two Seals ignored the “Stand Down” order and chose, instead, to hold to the oaths they had taken to the citizens of the United States.  They died waiting for the President to uphold his.

What has followed in the aftermath is myriad of lies and cover-ups, even at first trying to blame the “incident” on an obscure filmmaker and promising to arrest him, violating his freedom of speech.  The media has been working overtime trying to cover this mess up for the President.  It isn’t working and some in the media are starting to see the folly of their ways and abandon the sinking ship.

The Democrat brand has the mark of deceit seared onto every package it presents to the people. It is apparent throughout the liberal ticket that lies is the campaign strategy of choice.  What is most disturbing is the disdain the Democrat ticket has for the basic unalienable rights for Americans-life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Angus King has told so many whoppers in this campaign that the word count in this column couldn’t contain them.  He has put the Maine Democrat Party in the awkward position of trying to support his campaign, neutralize their own candidate, and still try to make King seem independent.  And remember when he said that those who supported traditional marriage needed to be “educated”.  He never said how he was going to do that….  Maybe the hum from his windmills is sending out subliminal messages to all Maine residents, besides the toxic waste they are dripping all over our mountains.

Mike Michaud, not so affectionately known as Pelosi’s Puppy, has a unique approach to representative government.  When the district he represents votes over 65% against gay marriage, he thumbs his nose at those he represents and instead represents his own interests on this issue.  Those incessant tugs on his leash from Washington way may be causing him to hallucinate, perhaps.  At last telling, he believes the Kevin Raye is moonlighting as a high-end designer, building exorbitant kitchens on the taxpayer’s dime.  This prompted Maine newspapers to categorize Michaud’s deception, as the biggest lie of the campaign.

Michaud’s close friend, Herbert Clark, has a similar approach to campaign strategy.  Work to co-sponsor a bill with the Senator you will be running against in the next election.  Then blame the whole thing on him, cry that you were hoodwinked and had no idea what you were doing.  Finally, assure everyone that if they vote for you, from now on, you will be aware of what you are sponsoring when you sponsor a bill, and, oh, please keep screaming about the bill that I sponsored but I wish I hadn’t sponsored because its all I’ve got to campaign on. I think he needs some cheese with that whine.

Finally, the Piscataquis County Commissioner races are of great importance.  Roxanne Quimby has been on a crusade to gate off the people of Maine from any access to the wilderness that we love so much.  The Democrats have been her allies in this crusade. Recently, she attempted to block access to the Little Wilson Falls by gating a County road.  The Piscataquis Republican Party answered the call of the people to rectify this travesty and, with Paul Davis, Doug Thomas, Pete Johnson, Fred Trask, and Jim Annis leading the charge, the Commissioners voted to demand Quimby remove the gate.  It was Fred Trask who forced the vote on the Commission to remove the gate. Silence, at best, from the Democrats.

Make no mistake; a vote for Sue Mackey Andrews and Donald Crossman for County Commissioner is a vote to give Roxanne Quimby control over the Maine Highlands and the 100-mile wilderness.  This is an important vote not only for Piscataquis residents but for the precedent it sets for the State of Maine as a whole.  Vote for Fred Trask and Jim Annis as Piscataquis County Commissioners.

It seems the leaders of the Democrat Party have telling Americans to “Stand Down” for far too long.  Perhaps, it is time for Americans to tell the Democrat Party to “Stand Down”.  Vote for Liberty November 6th!