Climbing the Mountain


We keep pushing towards that $2000 mark for fund raising. We are getting closer despite some unexpected obstacles. Perhaps we should have expected no less from Facebook.

Yes, we established a social media account to network with some of the conservative social media groups that I have been associated with over the years. Facebook has blocked us from networking with these other groups. Their reasoning is that I am not a “legitimate” candidate.

We explained that we had filed our proper paperwork with the state and have been filing reports…to no avail. Facebook continues to block us from networking or fund raising with any of our conservative allies. Be assured that we will not back down and, yes, we are a legitimate campaign.

I am attempting an end-around to get my messaging out while we wrestle with the giants. We will keep climbing the mountain here in rural Maine to reach our goal before the end of the year. If you would like to help with any donation, please go to and hit the donate tab or you can send your check to The Committee to Elect Andy Torbett, 107 Buck Rd, Atkinson, ME 04426, attn Mark Kinney Treasurer.

Thank you for all the wonderful support we have received. I hope to see many of you when we start going door to door after the first of the year. Looking forward to victory in the spring and I know I can count on you.

God Bless,

Andy Torbett




When The Maine Conservative Voice was started, it was my desire to be just that, a voice.  The hope was to make political leaders, both statewide and nationally, aware that the conservative movement was not dead in Maine, but alive and well.  What a humbling experience it has been to have so many people in rural Maine shake my hand and say thank you for lending a voice to their beliefs and convictions.

The hope has always been that conservatives across Maine would unify in one force and work together to set Maine free from the tyranny of liberal and socialist agendas.  Time has passed and TMCV has been able to have some influence, along with other groups, on Maine’s political landscape.  Still, progress has been slowed and marred by competing egos and personal agendas.

My greatest fear when I began this column and blog was that eventually I would grow numb to the corruption and become a silent observer.  While there are some positions that I hold where ethics require silence, still my passion to expose unscrupulous behavior remains undaunted.  But what if the betrayal comes from leaders you have worked closely with and supported?  What then?  How could I retain the integrity of the ideals I set forth with if I remained silent?

I understand compromise and that it is a vital part of our political system.  What I do not understand is calling yourself a conservative yet forming an alliance with one of the most liberal members of your party.  I cannot comprehend campaigning across a Senate District touting your support of the Governor’s agenda to secure conservative votes and then joining political forces with the one man who has worked tirelessly to subvert the Governor’s policies and conservative ideals.  I am astounded that a man can campaign as a social conservative and then join forces with the very man who has fought to subvert everything social conservatives stand for.  But this is what we find in the latest revelations from the political soap opera that is Senator Doug Thomas.

Senator Roger Katz of Augusta recently held a fundraiser for Senator Thomas in his law office in Augusta.  For those who don’t know, Roger Katz and the Pretentious Eight, as I have dubbed them, wrote an infamous op-ed against the Governor in an attempt to undermine his leadership at the very onset of his administration.  Roger Katz has repeatedly opposed many of the initiatives the conservatives have put forth.  It was Katz that spearheaded a move by liberal Republicans to help Democrats overturn the Governor’s veto of a budget that raised taxes on the Maine people.

And Doug Thomas is breaking financial bread with him?  In political speak, fundraising for a candidate is a statement of allegiance.  There are no political favors without one in return.  Conservatives had been uncomfortable with the various sightings of Thomas and Katz at public functions, but there was no way to verify a betrayal until now.

It’s no secret the Roger Katz has been maneuvering for power in the legislature to build his campaign against the Governor.  Obviously, he has found that the “Honorable” Doug Thomas can be bought, easily.  Katz wants Thomas’s vote for leadership and rumors have a way of materializing. Doug Thomas is selling out his fellow conservatives and the Governor for money.

TMCV has worked hard in the past to support and elect Doug Thomas into office.  I have written many columns in his behalf.  That ends now.  I have grown tired of the duplicity.  I will not look the other way and be silent.

When confronted on his behavior, Senator Thomas responded that it doesn’t matter and the people don’t care.  I was told that I don’t understand how business is done. Actually, I do understand and I’m tired of business as usual.  I will not be silent.  I will be a voice for truth.  We must stand for what we believe if we truly want to Set Maine Free.

Blaine Richardson: Kevin Raye’s Biggest Ally?



With the recent revelations in fundraising, Kevin Raye may be sending olive branches, cuddly bunnies and warm well wishes to libertarian candidate Blaine Richardson in an effort to keep him in the race.  It’s becoming increasing clear that Richard Rosen will most likely not enter the race so as to not split the moderate vote for Kevin Raye.  The old guard/status quo Republicans will now be free to coalesce behind Raye.


Now, the former State Senate President and career Olympia Snowe favorite, will hold out his hope that Maine Conservatives will continue in their historical self-destructive pattern of sticking it to each other for the sake of, well, just sticking it to each other.  Blaine Richardson has had a horrific start to the political fundraising season.  He comes out of the gate already woefully in debt.  His only hope for impact in this primary is to hobble the already strong striding Poliquin.


Bruce Poliquin has not just sent a shot across the bow of his political opponents of both Parties; he has fired a trident missile.  As the shock waves have blistered through the Raye camp, the rattled old guard is now looking at Blaine Richardson as their new favorite BFF.  He is their own dark horse, who represents their only outside chance to upset the surging and well-funded conservative, Bruce Poliquin.  If their ace-in-the-hole Richardson strategy works, once again the status quo will be forcing 2nd District Republican voters into holding their noses and voting for a candidate that does not share their values.  It looks as if the ground swell behind Poliquin may be enough to overcome Richardson’s attempt to be Poliquin’s Achilles heel.  But to watch Maine conservatives stubbornly cling to these self-destructive patterns every election cycle is mind numbing at best.

Bruce Poliquin Outpaces His Opponents; Kevin Raye Falls Short



The numbers are in and it is a matter of what we expected and what we didn’t.  We all expected Bruce Poliquin to be able to fundraise with the best of them, but I’m not sure we expected him to double Kevin Raye out of gate.  Poliquin has also eclipsed the numbers reported by the Democrat contenders.


We expected that Kevin Raye would struggle outside of Washington County.  We didn’t expect that he would fall short of the $100,000 mark conventional wisdom predicted he would raise easily.  As many of the major donors have jumped ship to the Poliquin camp, Raye may be finding the pickings slim in the search for deep pockets.  His disappointing start will not help.


We expected that Blaine Richardson would struggle to fundraise, but we did not expect that he would already be in the negative.  While Richardson seems to relish his dark horse status, one wonders if he is the only hope that Kevin Raye has to challenge the surging Poliquin.  Richardson will hold his loyal following and Kevin Raye will hope it is enough to help him steal the nomination from Poliquin.