Poliquin Appointed to Terrorism Committee

TMCV just recently received word that Bruce Poliquin has been appointed to a bi-partisan task force that will be investigating funding for ISIS and Al-Qaeda in an effort to cut off funding to these terrorist organizations.  Poliquin states, “Congress must do everything possible to stop ISIL and Al-Qaeda from receiving funds to carry out their malicious plans.”  Poliquin has a proven record here in the State of Maine for a dogged determination in the investigation of financial miscarriage and illicit activities.  This is welcome news. TMCV hopes that Poliquin will continue to pursue truth with steadfastness he showed as State Treasurer.  The full presser can be read here:

Mustard, Cheese and Nil, if You Will

Mustard, Cheese and Nil, If You Will


With his title of most obscure and least effective legislator firmly credentialed and framed on the wall, Mike Michaud now embarks on his latest campaign for re-election dragging Nancy Pelosi’s leash, with complimentary buzz collar, around the Second District.  Yes, Pelosi’s Puppy is back.  And he wants your vote.  Did we miss him?  We didn’t know he was gone or that he has returned, so what’s to miss?  While Maine’s own cowering canine has spent his last term curled in Nancy’s cold kennel, we’ve all been wondering what he’s been doing, or…maybe….not.  With nary a yelp from the lift-driving whelp, we’ve all probably forgotten whether he’s come or gone.  But with the election season upon us, he has been released from Pelosi’s Pound to complete the task of re-securing his comfy spot right beneath Nancy’s heel.  Let’s call it a sort of work release program.  He must perform the delicate task of campaigning in such a manner as to say nothing, do nothing and reveal nothing that could jeopardize his chance for re-election; in other words, just do what he has done all along, to which nothing is quite sure or definitive.  This has been the pattern he has employed that has sent him wagging back to that place of security, where he knows his place quiet and safe with Pelosi’s stiletto firmly implanted in his back.  Perhaps, he can scratch an itch or two if he moves discreetly and keeps the noise down.

Beneath the radar, a phrase in serious consideration for the title of Michaud’s memoir, the Representative of Maine’s Second District has managed to secure for himself an SUV at the taxpayer’s expense.  It seems a six-figure salary is not nearly enough to pay for a vehicle to drive to the kennel each day.  His dominating mistress must have assured him, to his piddling delight, that the hard working voters of Maine’s rural economies would understand his plight.  Central and Northern Maine is just inundated with persons with six figure salaries that can’t afford a car.  We understand, we empathize, little poochy; it’s a long way to Washington from the forklift.

And there’s our military.  Michaud is one of select cuddly few in Pelosi’s Pound who, despite their claims of support for the military, have voted, with an obligatory surge of electricity through their shock collars, to bury the knife of spending cuts squarely into the backs of our military.  This was easy to do for Maine’s happy hound because our soldiers had their back to the legislators, otherwise engaged and preoccupied in battle protecting the very system that, under Nancy Pelosi and with help from Mike Michaud, betrayed them while they fought for us all.

Mike Michaud recently addressed the Maine Democrat Convention.  Speaking to the throngs of….a couple…of hundred…huddled together on convention floor, Maine’s Arbitrator of Nil scratched at his collar, jingled his leash and then made a surprising attempt at comedic mastery.  He suggested that Kevin Raye, his newly minted opponent, doesn’t think Michaud “cuts the mustard”.  That’s funny because Kevin Raye owns a business that makes mustard, so he’s saying that Raye doesn’t think….he…cuts….the…ahhhhkay… moving on.  Listening to the deafening silence coming from the desk of U.S Representative Mike Michaud, it would seem that not only doesn’t he cut the mustard but he lacks the initiative to even cut the cheese, which is ironic when most liberal politicians perform this legislative act with all the regularity of a limburger factory.   It would seem that it is best for the Second District to elect someone that would actually represent the Second District.  This is not Mike Michaud.  It is time for Pelosi’s Puppy to come home to stay.



We are a nation of laws.  It is how we maintain the public peace.  Our businesses rely on laws to validate and insure the contracts in which they operate.  Law is the means to hold the members of a civil society accountable to decency and responsibility.

I would suspect that a majority of Americans have at one time or another found themselves crossways to some rule or regulation.  While we all may grouse and grumble at the results of our negligence or maybe just plain rebellion, oftentimes it soon becomes clear that some laws were put there for the protection of the public.  So we respectfully submit to the repercussions of our actions.

Not so for the members of the Democrat Party, who forage the halls of Washington D.C. in search of more slush funds to consume.  The Federal government is supposed to pass a budget each year.  It’s the law.  Senate President, Harry Reid, has refused to even allow budgets, passed by the House of Representatives, to come to the floor to be voted on and now the Federal government has not had an operating budget for three years.  The “Honorable” Mr. Reid claims that the Republican led House has not put forth a budget to vote on.  Yet the House has repeatedly put forth bi-partisan budgets, passed in the House, that Reid will not acknowledge for a vote.  The Senate President seems more content to break the law than to honor the legislation of a duly elected House of Representatives, the laws that govern him and responsibilities required of him that are vested in the position and authority he currently retains.

Perhaps Mr. Reid is pouting in frustration that the budgets presented by President Obama cannot make it out of the House with a single positive vote.  Yes, the House of Representatives have voted unanimously against the executive budget proposals on multiple occasions.  Barack Obama has proven to be so inept on matters of budget that both Democrats and Republicans have refused to have the President’s fiscal disaster on their hands and have voted a resounding bi-partisan “no”.  That’s zero, Z.E.R.O, zero votes for the President.  Strapped with a leader in the Oval Office that is feckless at best on matters of economy, Harry Reid has decided that perhaps it is best if the law does not apply to him.  Better no budget, than a balanced budget.  Sadly, Mr. Reid, even the nation of Mexico has an operating budget.  Shouldn’t we at least try?

But Mr. Reid is not the most notable lawbreaker amongst Democrat leaders.  President Obama now finds the signature act of his administration in direct challenge to the Law of the Land, the Constitution.  As ObamaCare weighs before the Justices of the Supreme Court, the President has taken the unprecedented tact of threatening the highest court of the United States while it is in deliberation.  The President challenged the court’s authority to judge the constitutional merit of a law, which is one of the primary purposes of the Supreme Court.  This outraged the American people and rightly so.  The President has spent the week trying to “walk back” his words, but curiously, trying to couch his words in such a way as to leave his threat on the table.

This leaves the citizens of the United States with these questions.  If the President is the Constitutional lawyer he claims to be, then is he simply an inept, incompetent lawyer or is he someone who fundamentally disdains the system of checks and balances that founding fathers established?  If you were a Party who believed the government should rule the people, not the people rule the government, wouldn’t you view laws that held you accountable and checked your actions as frustrating encumbrances or barriers to the advance of your agenda?  Something to think about.  What is certain is this. When we the citizens break a law, we pay a fine or face incarceration.  When our leaders in Washington break the law and are exposed, they, by their actions, tell we the people to simply go to Hades.