And behind this curtain….

And behind this curtain…


            Remember the old days when there were journalists?  Ah, the days of the intrepid investigator digging and searching with dogged determination for who, what, why, where and when.  Like a hound on the trail, the steely sleuth would stay on the scent of truth unswerving until truth was exposed regardless of who and what it uncovered.  Remember those days?  Neither can I.

            The days of an objective media have long since passed into the filmy ghostly memories of the ancient history of Maine.  Those with better memories than mine assure me that there was a time when the raising of a question would be followed by a gathering of facts to ascertain, yes that word again, truth.  This almost sounds like it could be defined as research, which is a word that sends a collective shudder down the spines for some of the Maine media.  To the rest who claim to be reporters, the word research elicits a blank stare. 

            The Democrat Party has been able to utilize one most effective tool against Governor LePage to hide any of his accomplishments, the curtain of media silence.  The lack of job growth in the national economy has provided damning evidence against the business and fiscal policies of the Obama administration and the Democrat Party as a whole.  Conversely, here in the State of Maine, Governor LePage has experienced surprisingly quick success in job creation despite the obstructionist tactics of the Democrat Party and their allies in the moderate wing of the Republican Party.  The Democrats have smugly asked, “Where are all the jobs?” yet all the while holding the curtain of media silence tightly over the evidence of job creation here in our State.  This was sadly apparent in the recent announcement of the two new mills in the Millinocket area.

            Yes, the media has sold its integrity for an agenda.   With its lips tightly sealed against the truth, the media seems to have a vested interest in returning to the job killing policies of the 40-year tenure of Democrats.  It now falls to us, the foot soldiers of this Conservative Revolution, to expose the truth behind the curtain of silence.

            “Today’s announcement would not be possible without the tireless efforts of the Governor…” This is a quote from Richard Legualt, Senior Managing Partner Brookfield Asset Management, as he announced the development of mills in the Millinocket area.  Somehow, that was not part of the media coverage of the event.  Mr. Legualt goes on to say “the Governor’s ability to broker this transaction against the backdrop of current market conditions demonstrates his commitment to jobs and economic development in the State.”  Strange, that was never talked about either.   Perhaps it may be a little embarrassing to have the “incompetent” conservative Governor “broker” jobs while, coincidentally, the Democrat messiah in the White House has brokered nada, nil, nothing for jobs.  Oh, they’re trying to pull that curtain down again.  Quick, here are some more facts:


            Lewiston has seen 400 new jobs created this summer.


            Tax Reforms helped the aviation industry in Maine expand and create hundreds of new jobs.


            Brunswick saw a new manufacturer bring 100 new jobs to their economy.


            There are 18 new jobs in Auburn due to just one regulatory reform.


            Thanks to regulatory certainty and a pro business Governor, thousands of new construction jobs have sprung up all over this State.


            Windham, Gouldsboro and North Berwick are just some of the towns experiencing job growth.


            And the Governor hasn’t even had a full year under his belt yet.  So while the media prefers to cloak the truth in silence and commit crimes of omission, we the people must seek the truth.  Go to

Do your own research.  Find the truth and then help spread the news.  Let’s keep working to Set Maine Free!