Equality for all the Labor Force in Maine

Unions in Maine should thankful, for now, that they don’t live in Wisconsin.  While the unions claim they “took in on the chin”, Unions in Wisconsin took an old fashioned butt-kickin.  The nation as a whole has grown very tired of the greed and this State is no exception.  What is happening now is these factions of the labor force that only have tunnel vision on there own special interests, are  receiving a rude but needed awakening that there are more to labor in Maine than Unions, much more.  The many years of suppression of the rights of the independent workforce must and will come to an end.



What is important?

What is important?


The Democrat Party has been making it increasingly easier for commonsense Mainers to make correct decisions in the voting booths come November.  After the Republican Party passed legislation to safeguard the integrity of our voting system in Maine, the opposition cried foul.  They waited for the throngs to join them.  To their disappointment, the numbers were not as large as they had hoped.  Mainers are far too endowed with powers of perception to fall for the same old Democrat lies.  After all, they have heard them for forty years and have gotten use to the pattern.  So how to create a throng?

Well, you can’t just go out and work up Maine people because they might ask tough questions like, “What’s wrong with protecting our votes?” or “Don’t you want to help out overworked town clerks on election day?” and the very embarrassing and awkward “You don’t want to stop voter fraud…why?”  That just wouldn’t work.  So, the Democrats have run to their old standby, the far-left fringe groups such as Maine People’s Alliance.  These groups are great at creating calamity out of tranquility, confusion out of clarity, and joblessness out of prosperity.  Ah yes, the wonderful “community organizers”.

Your humble columnist has had opportunity to engage in battle with the MPA on a few occasions.  It is a shame to see the lengths these groups will go to create instability, specifically economic instability, throughout the communities of Maine.  One such time, a large company, HoltraChem, had made some mistakes in its handling of chemicals and was required by the State to follow stringent regulations to clean it up.  They did and the expense of which was the demise of their company.  They sold out to another company, which finished the cleanup and maintained the landfills of contaminated soil to State standards.  This was not good enough for the MPA.  They saw an opportunity to bankrupt another big company.  They demanded this company and the town dig up the inert mercury soil now safely contained, reactivate the soil, drag it through Maine towns in rail cars and trucks to Canada, expose the environment, the townspeople of Maine and Canada to reactivated mercury, and burden another business with insurmountable operational expenses.  Why?  Was it to protect the environment or the townspeople?  Certainly not!  Their goal was to destroy another business.

These are the extremists that the Democrats have aligned themselves with to obstruct the people of Maine from securing protection of the sacred trust of Democracy.  Yes, the Democrats seem to think the process to purchase a bottle of whisky or a pack of cigarettes takes precedence over the process to insure the integrity of basic liberties.

They cry that there is no voter fraud; yet, a quick google of the words “voter fraud” will immediately grant you 20,000 entries having to do with voter fraud in the nation.  The most recent has an imminent arrest of Democrat leaders in Buffalo, New York.  Another reaches all the way to the Oval Office questioning whether Barack Obama should have ever been on the ballot in Indiana.

Fellow Mainers, we know better.  This is not about identifying voter fraud.  It is about preventing voter fraud.  Prevention is worth a pound of cure unless you don’t want to be cured.  So perhaps we should ask the Democrats that uncomfortable question again. “Why don’t you want to prevent voter fraud…again?”  The Maine Conservative Voice urges all its readers to vote “No” on 1.  It’s commonsense.  All of our readers in Dexter area make sure you go out and vote for Ray Wallace.  Let’s Set Maine Free!

Oops-the litany, the legacy.

Oops-the litany, the legacy.


Shaken by the incessant criticism hurled at this columnist for his consistent adherence to the tenets of conservatism, the Maine Conservative Voice has decided to try and step away from the several writing techniques my critics have deemed boring and unimaginative.  No longer will there be the drab, predictable, irrefutable facts interlaced with bland, cagey, endearing, sarcastic humor.  No, it is time to step it up a little bit, take it to the next level and engage the audience with the scintillating and sensational.  Mothers, hide your children as MCV moves into uncharted waters.  Behold, the jaw-dropping, mouth-gaping, riveting…graph.  Come on!  Don’t be shy.  Look at it.


Wage earnings                    Avg tax%

$20,000-30,000                    5.7%

$40,000-50,000                    12.5%

$50,000-75,000                    15%

$1,000,000+                         29.1%


Now that this moment of guilty pleasure is over, we can wipe the sweat from our brow, pull ourselves together and concentrate on the reason for this shocking revelation.  The information here was put together by the Associated Press to verify President Obama’s assertion that middle class America is paying more taxes than the wealthy and that it is time for millionaires to start paying their fair share.  You know, I’m still having a hard time getting my head wrapped around “New Math” but, for those of us who are still paddling around the 5.7 mark, 29.1 still seems like a lot more.  Maybe we all just need to have Warren Buffet explain these numbers to us the way he has explained it to the President.  Mr. Buffet wants millionaires to pay more taxes, as long as it is not he.  Mr. Buffet is under investigation for tax evasion issues.

Here at home, Ms. Quimby wants to turn all her landholdings into a Federal Park.  It is her land.   She can do what she wants with it except….when….it….effects other people’s land and their livelihoods.   Governor Lepage has worked hard to secure the sale and restart of paper mills in Millinocket.  People are headed back to work.  But if Ms. Quimby has her way, Federal Park regulations would block the harvest of wood fiber, which is essential to the survival of the Millinocket mills.  The Democrat Party is a huge supporter of Ms. Quimby’s plan.

Democrats Chris Dodd and Barney Frank want at least one more financial crisis to add to their legacy.  They along with Dick Durbin have allowed banks to charge heavy fees to you the consumer for having….money.  Yes, the banks can now penalize you based on the fact that you have money in their bank.  Talk about a sound fiscal model for economic recovery.   Can anyone say “money in my mattress”?  How about one more Dodd/Frank banking collapse?  This is inevitable when patrons begin wholesale withdrawals.

Corruption is coming to light fast and very furious, as one CBS investigative reporter has found out.  The White House, for her dogged investigation into the Fast and Furious scandal, deemed Sheryl Attkinson “unreasonable”.  Members of the President’s staff and Department of Justice screamed and shouted explicatives at Ms. Attkinson as she asked for answers to the cover-ups.  From my limited past experience, this loss of control means that a “whole lotta smelly oopses” are about to hit the fan.

Speaking of the fan, before the aroma of the “Solyndra Oops” was scattered across America, the President was poised to give another loan to the bankrupt solar company.  How big of a funnel was he trying to fill anyway?  Now, the President wants to encourage spoiled college students to shut down Wall Street.  The “oopses” are just piling up both here and abroad.