Independence Lost


The independence of Maine residents has been the stuff of lore, spoken of throughout the Nation. In poetic fabled admiration, rugged individualism, along with stubborn, flinty self-reliance, was a characteristic assumed by most to be the commonality that stamped the fibers of Maine’s stalwart inhabitants, mirroring its rugged and wild coastline and wilderness. Sadly, the independence of Maine seems to be fading as of late.

Straight on the heels of bending to the will of out-of-state interests and government by allowing them to coerce, through Ranked Choice Voting, second and third votes for candidates voters never wanted, Maine residents are now, again, faced to choose between individual independence or bowing to government control. A new law, LD 798, would force families to vaccinate children against their will and personal beliefs. LD 798 would trample individual autonomy and sovereignty.

This in itself would be enough to infuriate and inflame the independent streak that ran strong through the mountains of Maine, but has that river dissipated into modern compliance? Despite the fact that the majority of the funding for the “No on 1” campaign has come from two large pharmaceutical companies, Mainers still seem oblivious that, once again, out-of-state interests are conspiring to take away our individual liberty. This law is not about public safety, but it is about targeting those with specific philosophical and religious beliefs that government dislikes and forcing them to comply, while padding the profit lines of Big Pharma off the bodies of our children.

This is an appalling precedent to set. The fact that 80% of the whooping cough cases in Maine were in those fully vaccinated, pulls the curtain back on the lies propagated by those with an opportunistic agenda. Vaccines will not and cannot ever grant complete immunity.

Maine stands at the crossroads again of individual liberty and choice or government control and subjugation. Will we choose liberty or bend to out of state interests again? For the sake of freedom, let Maine’s independence rise up and Vote Yes on Question One!

What is The Summit Project?

readytogoIn a recent post, I recounted my experiences snowshoeing up Borestone Mountain carrying a memorial stone in honor of a young soldier, PFC Tyler Springmann. Some may be wondering why I did this and who organizes these hike. I’d like to post a short description of why a bunch of people would hike a mountain in the middle of winter with stones in our backpacks.

For me, its pretty simple. I’m the son of a Vietnam vet and have always had a special place in my heart for our military. I like hiking. My father was Pastor of a church in Berlin, N.H. and I have fond memories of climbing Mt. Washington with him along with my brother. My two boys have caught the hiking bug and we have been making memories together.

atsunset So when my brother-in-law told me about this group called The Summit Project, described the hike that he took with them, and shared the emotions he felt during the trek, I immediately knew this was something I wanted to do with my boys. It seemed to me a perfect marriage of a couple of passions that I have. I also thought this was a great way to help instill in my sons a healthy respect for our soldiers and a better understanding of the solemn magnitude of the price of freedom.

What is The Summit Project? The Summit Project is the culmination of a vision David Cote had to find a uniquetsp-logo-blue2 way to honor fallen warriors with more than just a token sentiment, but something that required some sort of sacrifice by the living to honor the dead. He conceived this idea while hiking with Navy Seals in the mountains of California. When the Seals reached the summit they pulled stones from their pack and piled them in small hidden area to honor any Seals that had fallen in battle that past year. For Dave Cote, who watched in admiration, this quiet ritual was the seed of a dream for The Summit Project, planted by the Navy Seals on mountain in California.andrewbaseofsummit

What if everyday civilians from Maine took the time to learn the story of a fallen soldier, carried took a stone etched with his name and rank, gave the simple sacrifice of climbing to the top of a mountain with that memorial stone, and on that mountain gave a public remembrance of that fallen warrior? Perhaps that short hike would give civilians just a little taste of what our soldiers do for us on a daily basis. There is something about being in nature surrounded by its majesty that makes one realize there are things in life much bigger than one’s self.

The Summit Project is apolitical. What that means is that it is non-partisan, non-political. Some might find this hard to believe, but the fact that it is politically neutral is one of the major reasons I find The Summit Project so appealing. I hope it stays neutral. It’s the way it should be.


As I told Dave Cote, its nice to have a place where we can lay down the hammer and tongs and step away from the heat for a while. Don’t get me wrong! I have no intentioheadedbackdownn of abandoning my opinions and my campaigns, but there is something grand about Americans from all political stripes coming together and honoring those who give them the freedom to pick up those ideological hammer and tongs and go at it.

Maine’s First Lady Ann LePage and First Lady Michelle Obama have endorsed the Summit Project. If that isn’t bi-partisan I don’t know what is. TMCV recommends that our readers check out The Summit Project at their website. Do a hike to honor Maine’s fallen warriors or, if hiking is out of the question, check out ways that you can volunteer. Go to The Maine Summit Project’s website or like them on Facebook.peakofborestone

The Thanksgiving in ME

The thanksgiving in me
Looks forward to see
What blessings this season does bring

It’s more than the feast
The dough and the yeast
It’s freedoms we hale, we sing

We gaze misty eyed
At heroes who’ve died
To insure that we celebrate free

A child’s pleading eye
For a big piece of pie
In part is thanksgiving in me

To view nature’s charm
With my wife on my arm
Indeed, this is heaven on earth

The trees shed their leaves
Children play as they please
Oh, how I treasure their birth

This dinner of cheer
Heralds winter is near
Soon Dad, cut our big Christmas tree

Mom’s final say
Picks the tree that will stay
I love this thanksgiving in ME

The land soon will bow
With snow covered boughs
We’re all warm and cozy inside

This land that I love
Blessings sent from above
Is why I still live here with pride

The things dear to me
The thanksgiving in me
Is why I will never refrain

To thank God above
For my family I love
This is Thanksgiving in ME

Maine plans to ignore ObamaCare

Maine is among the many States who plan to ignore implementing ObamaCare, but even the States that wish to knuckle under to the Federal government are finding it impossible to do so.  According to Fox News, the so called Affordable Healthcare Act is not so affordable and the States are finding that there is no fiscal structure in place to support the demands of ObamaCare.