Equality for all the Labor Force in Maine

Unions in Maine should thankful, for now, that they don’t live in Wisconsin.  While the unions claim they “took in on the chin”, Unions in Wisconsin took an old fashioned butt-kickin.  The nation as a whole has grown very tired of the greed and this State is no exception.  What is happening now is these factions of the labor force that only have tunnel vision on there own special interests, are  receiving a rude but needed awakening that there are more to labor in Maine than Unions, much more.  The many years of suppression of the rights of the independent workforce must and will come to an end.



Thoughts on the Walker Victory

The power of Labor Unions is diminishing rapidly in this Nation, not because the labor force has an aversion to organization and solidarity, but because the Union system has come to exemplify greed, selfishness and corruption and much of the good and honest labor force of America has a strong aversion to those attributes.  But this victory for Governor Walker has an even stronger message to the political system of the United States.  My good friend, Jason Savage of Maine People Before Politics aptly explains this impact in his recent post.

This is what happens when politicians do exactly what they say they’re going to do. Keeping promises is the most valuable thing an elected official CAN do. AND everytime you hear someone say this was about money– yeah, it was about the TAXPAYER’S money — not the DONOR’S or UNION’S money. -Jason Savage

I couldn’t agree more!  Perhaps this will begin a transfusion of marrow to those politicians who have the proverbial “backbone of an eclair”.