Imagine yourself in need of an army.  You are faced with the task of changing the political landscape of rural New England states that for years had been known for their frugal, independent and God-fearing lifestyles.  How would you accomplish this?  How would you wrest the traditions that made up the fabric of years of generations linked by blood from the very fingers of the parents that birthed them?  You would follow the template set forth in the European Marxist and Communist revolutions of so many years ago.

Take the earnest hopes of parents who have sacrificed for a better future for their little ones.  Promise to be trusted stewards of these children’s education.  Pretend to hold this sacred trust in reverent high regard.  Now that you have control of these children at their most vulnerable stage, just beginning to blossom into adulthood, instead of teaching the very skills and practicum necessary to excel at the specific professions they may choose, you begin to barrage and impregnate their young impressionable fertile minds with your own agenda in an effort to stimulate a revolution that would devastate and crumble years of foundations laid in the hearts and minds of America’s youth.  You would capitalize on the rebellious nature of young emotions encouraging their propensity to defy authority, enflaming them with rhetoric railing against the institutions of government claiming it has failed the common man.  At the same time, you would mock the homespun common sense beliefs of the children’s upbringing, declaring them not worthy of higher learning.  In time, it would seem success was nothing short of imminent.

Imagine yourself in the present.  You have established a death grip on the educational system of New England.  Your classrooms have been the breeding ground for liberal think tanks across the nation for years.  Students have followed your model of “the end justifies the means” and have wreaked havoc on the local and State political system compromising its integrity.  But the common man in Maine finds himself in much worse conditions than before all the promises of a New Deal were made to him.  So the “commoners” revolt and, much to your surprise put a common man in a place of power.

Imagine your reaction when the leaders put there by the common man, despite their weak and clumsy attempts at leadership, put in place a reform that shakes the very core of your power structure.  They demand honesty, accountability and integrity in the voting system.  No longer will there be giggles and snorts at fraternity and sorority parties after young students have done your dirty work and made a mockery of the democratic process on election nights.

Imagine how you would retaliate.  It would be loud and angry.  You would decry the fact that the Republicans are denying these young students the right to vote…and vote…and vote again.  After all, these are educational opportunities.  They’re young and they need the practice.  And voting in multiple States brings so much diversity to the experience.

Imagine if the empire you had worked so hard to build was in danger of crumbling.  You would use every diversionary tactic you could think of to avoid the honest truth.  Wouldn’t you….or would you?