O’Malley Attacks the Middle Class

Governor O’Malley of Maryland has redefined what a millionaire is.  He has inflicted the “millionaires tax” on those making $100,000.  While those who have not abdicated commonsense are still trying to figure out the correlation between a hundred thousand and a million, Governor O’Malley is gleefully taking it out of the hides of a new fresh host to sink the liberal parasitic incisors into.  It should be noted that this Governor was the keynote speaker for the Maine Democrat Convention.  And for the 20 or 30 that attended, take stock of your income because the Democrat Party is coming for it.  Not only is there the redistribution of wealth but there is the redefinition of wealth.  Millionaires were first defined at $250,000, then $150,000 and now its $100,000.  Be assured that the millionaire curve is coming to a pocketbook near you or on you.  I’m still a little confused….because….if I remember my grade school math correctly….there was a few more zeros…I thought….maybe….well, it was a long time ago.  Figures…its liberals….new math.  How many was at the Democrat Convention..again?  Must have been…..millions.