What Emily hates

What Emily hates


The tender shoots of young job growth are beginning to break through the volcanic ash, which is the residue of the 40-year liberal scorching of the business landscape of Maine.  Democrats are now faced with the stark realization that the first steps the LePage administration have made towards making Maine palatable to business again are working.  Despite the work of Emily Cain’s “Party of No” and their obstructionist moderate allies in the Republican Party, the effects of a pro-jobs Governor on Maine’s business climate has been quickly evident as we discussed last week.  This did not sit well with the minority party.  This was no more evident than through the words of the Democrat leader Emily Cain.

After the legislature had passed an admittedly imperfect budget (it was much too large for a conservative), Ms. Cain told the media emphatically that she and her Caucus “just hated these tax cuts, just hated them!” This after moderates had helped to grant the Democrats concessions beyond the Governor’s liking.  This is just a reminder that a Democrat’s 40-year definition of bi-partisan is “do everything our way”.  It seems those tax cuts Emily hates are sending a message, both to entrepreneurs within the state and without, that Maine is truly open for business.

But why does Emily hate them so? Could it be that the advent of job growth, prosperity and the independence it brings signals the end to the strangle hold the Democrat party has held upon the futures of the people of Maine?  With more of their own money left in their pockets to spend and save for their own future, residents will begin to feel that heady sense of accomplishment that comes from providing ones own needs from the fruit of ones own labor.   Instead, Ms. Cain seems to prefer we remain in the Democrat’s pattern of choice that has the people being herded into entitlement systems like so many cattle. Back, she wails, to the dependence on big Democrat government to get us through the endless meager years under the grey drab famine of socialism.

Is this why she hates tax cuts so?  Perhaps, by extension, she hates the inevitable fiscal independence prosperity will bring to Mainers?  The people will begin to realize this truth.  They don’t need government.  Government needs them.  Maybe it is the great sense of satisfaction a young businessperson can feel by growing a business that they can pass on to their young ones that she hates so much?  Or maybe its that sense of calm that comes to a family when they know there is enough work to pay the bills and even get ahead that she takes exception to?  One thing we know for sure, Emily Cain hates tax cuts.   She “just hates them”.

Simply put, tax cuts give the people’s money back to the people.  Tax cuts show businesses we are serious about bringing them back to Maine.  Tax cuts are the tried and proven way to fix an economy.  Now Emily Cain, how could you hate a thing like that?  We the people don’t.