Time to Get Out and Vote!

2 hours ago

Bruce Poliquin

  • Dear Friends,

    I appreciate all the kind messages many of you have sent. ELECTION DAY is tomorrow, Tuesday June 12th, and polls are open until 8pm. I would consider it a personal favor if you and your family would please go vote for me for the open U.S. Senate seat.

    We expect this to be an incredibly close election. Please encourage your friends, co-workers, and neighbors to VOTE POLIQUIN FOR U.S. SENATE!

    For more information visit: www.BruceForSenate.com
    And check out our Facebook page @www.facebook.com/BrucePoliquin

    Best wishes!




And they thought the Governor was joking.  At the recent Piscataquis “Capital for a Day”, Governor LePage and Treasurer Poliquin both explained the dire fiscal picture they found painted on the books of the accounts in Augusta.  They revealed to us that one of the first hurdles for the duo to overcome was convincing the S&P not to downgrade the credit rating of the State of Maine, which they had learned was imminent.  Those of the “People are Merely Percentage Points” ers crowd scoffed at this revelation.  It was unthinkable that we would receive a credit downgrade.  Just scare tactics, stuff and nonsense.

Yes, thankfully the strength of leadership shown by the Governor and the Treasurer has saved Maine from such an embarrassment; in fact, a recent listing of the worst States to do business did not even mention the State of Maine.  It is quite a turnaround in seven months to go from a “top of the list regular” to a “no show”.  There is some recognition we’d rather not have.

Not so good though for the President and his merry band of obstructionists.  While the “Hope and Change messiah” has yet to lower the sea level, he has succeeded in lowering our credit rating for the first time in the history of this great Nation.  It was simple really.  Standard and Poor’s wanted 4 trillion in deficit reduction.  Paul Ryan and the Republicans wanted 4 trillion in spending cuts.

Enter Harry Reid.  Nevada must be so proud.  Smugly preening his arrogance before any microphone and camera he could find, Harry, no he’s not a Prince, promised that he would kill such a plan in the Senate.  He did.  Nevada must be so proud.

The President and the Senate President balked and stonewalled until they were forced into a desperate last minute anemic $2.4 trillion compromise that still raised the debt ceiling.  The S&P was not bluffing.  They lowered the credit rating of the United States for the first time in its history.  They have also warned in no uncertain terms that if remaining cuts are not found to reach the $4 trillion mark, where have we heard that before, they will downgrade our credit rating once again.

So the unthinkable has happened.  This begs the question- is Washington fixable?  I think not.  As we watch all the posturing, playacting and nonsensical behavior, it becomes more apparent the Federal government is a delinquent who is completely out of control beyond the reaches of reason.  Our Governor calls their actions “antics”.  Treasure Poliquin aptly calls them “poison”.  The restoration of this great nation to its once proud glory will not come through the Federal government.  We the people must look to our several States and local Counties to apply pressure upon our state officials to be fiscally prudent in their approach to governing.  As we strengthen the might of our States from the Counties up and wean them from their dependence upon the Federal government, we will find that the pathetic behavior of our Federal officials will have much less the detrimental effect on our lives.  Perhaps if those in Washington come to realize that they have thought of themselves more highly than they ought, they may start to behave better.