The King and Lie


The King and Lie


“For a better guarantee of public safety, the post 9-11 world is one of constrained liberties.”  This quote from Angus King, in itself, should be enough to cause every freedom-loving Maine resident to recoil in disgust from the very thought of voting for this man.  It shows the foundational core of the former Governor’s thought process as it relates to the public.  For all his clamor and show to promote his façade as a centrist and independent, Angus King, to be sure, is no centrist and neither is he independent.  He subscribes to the same tired, liberal and leftist worldview that the public is simply the masses that need to be herded and constrained like so many cattle until they have been prodded by government into a place of “safety”.  This is the same Governor who, after the Maine people had voted overwhelmingly against gay marriage, said the people had spoken and it was obvious they were in need of more “education” on the matter.  As one looks through the annals of history at the different public leaders who have sought to “educate” the masses one begins to feel uncomfortable with the constraints of a “guarantee of public safety”.

With statements like these, it’s bewildering, at best, to try and understand the Governor’s appeal to so many good and grounded Maine people.  What is even more surprising is the success that Mr. King has enjoyed in the Northern and Central regions of Maine, rural areas known for the demand for common sense and low tolerance for dishonesty they place on leadership.  So how does a man so disdainful of personal liberty pull the proverbial wool over the eyes of so many normally shrewd and discerning individuals?  It’s all in the art of lying.

A firm handshake, a direct, unwavering look in the eyes and a measured, sincere tone of voice has always been the standard of honesty.  This hallmark has stood the test of the ages and has passed from generation to generation.  For those of us who work with our hands and the sweat of our brow, this has been a nearly foolproof way to take stock of those you could trust and those you could not.  For we all know that it is almost impossible for a dishonest man to stand in the grip of an honest man, gaze unflinching into his piercing stare and tell a lie…almost.

There are some that can and Angus King is one such man.  How else could one have so many thinking he is an environmentalist and all the while blowing the tops off mountains to accommodate his windmills?  How could a man convince so many that he has acquired his wealth through hard work in the private sector, when most or all of his wealth has come off the backs of hardworking Maine taxpayers through public subsidies and grants?  And how could he claim to Maine people that he is true independent when he has overwhelmingly supported the Democrat Party with his wealth?  Deep inside this man beats the cold, icy blood of an opportunist.  He can grasp your hand, look you straight in the eye and, with sincerest of voice, lie like a thick, shag rug.

Ah, you wonder, where is my proof?  You think I am, perhaps, blinded by my Conservatism.  These next few weeks we expose the “Honorable” Independent Governor to be the not-so-independent fraud that he is.  But in closing, consider this quote from Benjamin Franklin as a comparison to our introductory quote from Mr. King.  “Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.”

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