Wind in His Sails


Maine’s “King of Stealth” should also be called the “King of Subsidized Wealth”. Not only did Angus King take a governing budget with a surplus and turn it into burdensome budget deficit before he left office as Governor, he also accomplished something far more heinous and detrimental to the well being of Maine residents statewide in keeping with his own selfish desires.   While hardworking Mainers toiled to free their State from the debt that King had incurred, the former Governor insured their labors would also make him very, very rich by introducing, promoting and signing into law legislation mandating wind power.

King’s law dictated to the State of Maine that 30% of its energy source must be wind. Then the former Governor quickly formed a wind energy company called Independence Wind.  King then shamefully protected himself from any of the normal financial risk of a start-up company by securing a taxpayer backed loan guarantee.  Instead of using his own money and risking personal loss, King obtained from President Obama a loan for 102 million dollars, yes, the same program that loaned money to Solyndra on the backs of taxpayers.  So on the front end King passes a law that requires Maine residents to purchase wind energy and pay the higher operating costs into a company he created.  On the other end, King requires the taxpayer to pay to build his company that is providing the service that taxpayers are being forced by law to purchase.  And the tax dollars are herded into the deep pockets of Angus King.

Ah, the luxuries of the monarchy.  If the venture of Maine’s own “King of Wind” fails, the King is still wealthy and the peasants poorer.  If the venture continues, the King is much richer and the peasants…well, still poorer due to the increase in their utilities bill.  The most galling of all is the revelation by an investigation from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, that King should never have been given the money for his wind kingdom.  He had enough of his “own” money to foot the bill.  But King, the Stealth Democrat, and his Party Incognito, the Democrats, find it so much the more fulfilling to gamble on someone else’s money rather than their own.

While this scheme to exploit the earnings of taxpayers may seem like a boon of mandated wealth for Angus King, it has produced a visceral reaction from Maine voters.  Surprisingly, the left wing media support system of Maine’s own monarch is befuddled by the negative response of Mainers.  Those of us who prefer to embrace common sense will try to explain this turn of events in small words for them.  Maine people prefer that you earn your wealth on your own, not steal your wealth from others.

The misdeeds of Maine’s “King of Subsidized Wealth” have produced another unexpected result.  The great, glaring, white towers of tax-funded waste, King’s windmills, are now blowing winds of momentum into the sails of his challenger’s ship.  Charlie Summers has steadily, week by week, closed the gap between King and himself until he now stands poised to topple the presumptive winner of the U.S. Senate seat from his throne.  Angus King has long enjoyed the protection of his media allies but now must face the scrutiny of a grassroots organization, which is determined to use the unfettered Internet to expose his corruption and complete embrace of crony capitalism.  As the truth of his sinister behavior is exposed to this State and the Nation, honest men and women, who vote, will want to know more about the not so honest behavior of a man who longs to garner their vote to further expand his own personal kingdom.

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