Why Can’t We Collar The Debt?



They are calling it “HatchetGate”.  No, it’s not the latest Stephen King horror flick.  It’s the latest assault on the Governor by the Democrats and their media allies.  Three newspapers, Lewiston Sun, Bangor Daily News and Maine Today Media, launched simultaneous attack pieces on the Governor based on nothing more than the gossip of disgruntled government employees; there are a lot of those.  The Democrat Attorney General, Janet Mills, has jumped in to the tantrums to launch a tax-funded inquiry into the hearsay and rants of those, who have the pouts against “The Blaine House Bully”.

So what makes these government employees feel so “bullied”?  The Party, whose symbol is an ass, wants Maine citizen’s to feel shock and outrage that the Governor is demanding accountability from State employees for their performance and ethics…cue sound of crickets.  They only shock Maine residents are feeling is one of the more pleasant varieties, to hear that accountability is actually being demanded for a change in Augusta.

But at least Democrats are showing some initiative.  They are trying to get their legislative feet underneath them.  But so far the Dems seem more suited for a bill for beer drinking on St. Patty’s Day (ah, the Celts were in full throat heralding the feat), a bill to take the Governor’s pension (to which the “Bully” said, “Bully, bring it on”, pay the debt), a bill to take the Governor’s mansion (Wow, I didn’t know it was theirs to take…) and a bill to regulate your daughter’s tanning habits (hmmm, not sure that’s any of their business either).  Lets review to date, the Democrats want to facilitate beer drinking, take some money away from a guy they don’t like, kick him out on the street and, oh, take over raising your children just for good measure.  And who is the bully now?

Realizing the legislative session is near at end; our blue clad politicians from Augusta have decided to round out their accomplishments for the year with 22 bills against the 2nd Amendment and one bill to ban flea collars.  Flea Collars??!!  Didn’t you know?  Why, the markets are infested with them!  Hear the shrieks and cries of terror?  We didn’t know?  Why weren’t we warned?  Eh, gads, grab your children, make for the bunkers and hide there until the brave men in the HazMat suits arrive.

Yes, if Democrats have their way, flea collars will be banned from use by the lowly unwashed.  They can only be purchased from and affixed to your trembling domesticated creature by a veterinarian, who is certified flea collar safe.  I am sure the obligatory Agency of Flea Collar Safety and Education (AFCSE) is only a matter of time.  Perhaps if you can complete the 30-hour course and pay the exorbitant fee, you too could be a Certified Flea Collar Technician (CFCT).

But, what of the hospital debt?  Why can’t we get a collar on that little nagging issue, the one Justin Alfond said just ignore?  While the Alfond Democrats and their merry band of media scribes continue to paint the Governor a bully, the hospitals of this great State struggle to function beneath the weight of Democrat mandated debt.  The collar these liberals seem bent on applying is the one around our necks with a ball and chain attached.  One consolation for the Bully of the Blaine House, if the nagging and whining gets too loud, he can always wave a flea collar.  They’ll all dive for cover.

4 comments on “Why Can’t We Collar The Debt?

  1. As it turns out, certain provisions in LD 1202 (the flea collar bill) were a mistake in the revision process. The bill as it was ultimately rewritten had no support, not even by its sponsor, and on April 12 was voted ONTP (ought not to pass). So it’s a dead issue.

  2. yes, Linda, but the premise of the bill is the issue, along with the bills against the Governor, also voted not to pass. The Democrats are focusing on everything but the pressing issue of the hospital debt. The bill will resurface. its a banner issue for animal rights activists.

  3. As an animal rights “activist” who was in contact with many others (after a conversation that my husband and I had with Rep Jeff Timberlake in which he alerted us to the issue), I’m confused as to why you think this would be an animal right issue.

    None of those I talked to was in agreement with the bill as it was written or as it was apparently intended. Of course, there are others we didn’t talk to, but we saw no indication that this was supported by the rescue community.

  4. I should have been more specific. when I researched the bill, it was still in committee. Some animal rights groups were promoting the flea collar ban, will others specifically kennel groups were apposed. My assertion in this is simply to point out that very few in Augusta seem to be focused on their responsibility to pay their bills. This bill, LD 1202, was brought to mu attention by a local health food store, which would have been hurt tremendously had the bill been passed. I stil hold to my assertion that it will come up again. A law resembling this has been passed in Europe which bans flea collars from the public. Given the Democrats track record, European Socialism is the holy grail to which the aspire. They will try again, especially if it can distract from responsibility.

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