Sucker Punch

The Maine people were lulled to sleep and then awakened to a startling barrage of attacks, which now has proven to be a distraction.  We the people of Maine watched the Democrats in Augusta with perplexed looks of consternation.  We scratched our heads in confusion as they passed bills on beer, tanning and sent bills to ban flea collars to committee.  It seemed for a while that Justin Alfond was content with political tiddly winks and spinning his fiscal wheels deeper in to ruin.

Then tragedy, horror at the Boston Marathon, a crisis to be exploited and suddenly we as Maine residents were awakened from our Alfond induced stupor to the heavy artillery of Democrats, a bevy of legislative bills to limit and rescind our 2nd amendment rights. Bi-partisan uproar has ensued, with Republican and Democrat voters up in arms over this assault.  But was this the true intent of the Democrat Party?

While Maine voters have been busily defending the 2nd Amendment, Maine Democrats have introduced tax increases that are across the board, and especially hurtful to the middle class.  Yes, it is a collective sucker punch into the gut of a Maine economy that was struggling to recover and now has hit a stall, threatening a free fall.

To further compound the impending fiscal doom, the Alfond Democrats have enacted LD 405, which will increase motor vehicle registration costs by 50 to 67% costing Maine taxpayers an additional 3 million dollars every year.  Obviously Justin Alfond and his merry band of “Demotaxers” feel that you have too much extra cash lying around and they want it, to stimulate their economies by devastating yours.

Perhaps it is time to ask Maine Democrats what they have against the residents of Maine?  How can an economy grow if it has less and less private capital to invest in it? When did the security of political interests start to supersede the security of people they purport to represent?

Governor Lepage will now have to draw a line in the sand in order to protect the interests of Maine people.  And Maine people should line up in support of him now and then at voting booth.

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