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The Justin Alfond led three ring circus continues to produce logic defying acts in full view of the people of Maine.  Just when the audience felt they could be confounded no more, the Democrats raise the ante.  And a new wave of consternation sweeps across the State of Maine.

Maine constituents waited for six hours for an opportunity to testify in a hearing on keeping beds available in nursing homes for the elderly.  When voters finally had the chance to speak, Democrat Senators Colleen Lachowicz and Margaret Craven donned clown noses in the face of those who were trying to testify.  The audience was not amused by the slapstick antics of the Democrats and, justifiably, outrage has erupted from the captive onlookers.

Both sides of the aisle have called for an investigation into the dance of the buffoons foisted upon the taxpayers of Maine.  But into the melee strides the ringmaster, Justin Alfond, who has denied the request for an investigation.  Evidently he likes having clowns masquerading as Senators or vice versa.  He wants a captive audience to give a front row seat to his little side shows and novelty acts.

Mr. Alfond would be wise to heed the growing angst Maine people are expressing against his campaign of false advertising.  You see people believed the sign entitled “Legislative Hearing” Alfond had taped over “Alfond’s Vaudeville and Hijinks Bazaar” and were expecting adults that would listen to the concerns other adults on issues concerning our most vulnerable; instead, they were treated to a revue of comediennes battling it out for juvenile attention.

Justin Alfond has presided over what may be the worst and most poorly managed legislative session in the history of the State of Maine.  He has refused to allow debate, fixated on attacking the Governor, embarrassed the people of Maine, and passed laws on the petty and nonsensical.  Democrats should expect to see a precipitous drop in ticket sales to these novelty acts they parade as legislation come next election.  The only question left for Maine people is when will the ringmaster Justin Alfond lead out the bearded lady and the three-headed snake?

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