Gestapo, Who’s Laughing Now?



The Democrats are maneuvering to shut down the State government.  Realizing that there is a very real and likely chance that this action will be tied to the litany of clownish, lazy, arrogant and disinterested behavior which has typified the Alfond and Eves legislative session, Democrats have called on their attack dogs, namely the Maine Media, to try and pin this on the Governor.  Sadly for the Democrats, the circulation numbers for the major newspapers of Maine have been spiraling down somewhere near non-existent and continue to dive.  This will have very little effect on the Governor.

When the Democrats held a hearing on the shutdown, the Governor attended.  He attempted to speak before the hearing on the matter.  The Chief Executive of the State of Maine was cut off and shut out of the debate by Democrats concerning the shut down of the State of Maine, of which he is the duly elected Governor.  This is starting to have a familiar ring to it, or should we say stomp, as in a tantrum stomp.

Democrats have developed an alarming penchant for thuggish tactics in their political maneuverings around Augusta.  From this latest insult to the office of the Governor, to repeatedly shutting off debate in committee rooms, blocking public notification of hearings, and donning clown noses for hearings on the elderly and infirmed, the Democrats have proven that the Alfond legacy will be one that completely shut out any dissenting voice from having its rightful expression in the legislative chamber and blocking it out into the hallways; in other words, my way or the hallway.  Democrats refused to be questioned, scrutinized or examined.  If one dares, then one will be subjected to insults, mockery and complete isolation from the political process.

This wise guy approach to governing has shown itself to be a systemic problem within the Democrat Party from the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave right down to the chambers of Augusta.  The brutish assault on all those who disagree with their agenda, criminalizing dissent, dumpster diving in hopes of incriminating law abiding citizens, and using IRS and character assassinations to silence critics were behavior we envisioned as happening elsewhere, not in our Nation, not in our State.  But it is here, right here in Maine.  Justin Alfond has made sure his Democrats are in lockstep with everything their leader in Washington commands.

Maine Democrats have spent so much time fixated on discrediting the Governor they have failed to legislate.  They have mocked his intellect; yet, they have not the mental fortitude to withstand the heat of public debate.  Remember when they roared in mockery when the Governor called the IRS the Gestapo?  Well, Justin Alfond, who is laughing now?  Sadly, no one.

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