The announcement that former Speaker of the House, Mark Eves, was slated to speak at an event arranged for children to speak out, irony aside, has reminded Maine residents what is most reprehensible about the agenda first politics of our day. The decency that once decried and prohibited the manipulation of minors as shameless leverage to achieve political victory is all but gone. Mark Eves has since announced that he will not speak at the student March Out, coming to the realization that the disinformation needed to convince the public that he is student may be more than even the ethically challenged former Speaker can muster.

Shamefully, Mainers along with their fellow Americans have come to expect this from our leadership. Our children are nothing more than pieces in a political game. Shuffled here and there, fed the proper terms and words to speak, and then relocated or discarded once the effect has been produced.

No, it’s nothing new. History is branded with it’s insidious pattern. One would think our leaders, so learned, could recognize the sear of it’s damage across the ages and guard against the scarring of our society.

But no, the exploitation of children is too easy and historically effective for those callous enough to utilize it’s darkness. For our society, which is replete with weak leadership, those who still have enough decency left to recoil from the manipulation of children are too feckless to hold to the tenets of this free society. Common Sense demands leaders evaluate these situations dispassionately before decisions and Freedom demands leaders defend the ideals of liberty above all, but Common Sense and Freedom is not so Common anymore.

It is a testament to the weakness of our political leaders that so many have succumbed to the emotions, cry, and hue of the moment to “do something” and, as decisions made in the passion of the moment usually are, these “do something” solutions are in the majority weak, poorly thought out, and outdated:

Universal Background Checks: This ambiguous legislation was implemented then repealed on the Federal level after research showed that it had no impact on the decline of violent crime. It’s very ambiguity has led many to believe it was just a gateway legislation for the eventual confiscation of all firearms.

Assault Weapons Ban: In the time of the outdated UBC, it was thought that handguns should be banned, as they were the weapon of choice for madmen of the day. Today the focus is the AR Rifle. Any weapon, including an Armalite Rifle (AR), is capable of assault in the hands of a human bent on assault. An AR rifle is a Semi-Automatic rifle. To ban Semi-Automatic weapons is to ban nearly all firearms which smacks of another gateway legislation and also unenforceable due to the staggering amount of Semi-Automatic weapons in the populace, without confiscation by force.

Change the Age of Purchase to 21: Not only is this a poorly thought out regulation, but it is the flaming epitome of weak and reactionary leadership. There are many reasons why this is true but most poignant are those that it leaves vulnerable. Studies show that a growing number of those taking gun training courses in this age bracket are single mothers and college age women. Guns are the great equalizer in an increasingly predatory culture, yet, shortsighted and reactionary “do something” politicians would deny young women of this protection, not to mention, that the provision in the Florida regulation grants a waiver for police and military, which flies directly in the face of the very ideal of the 2nd Amendment.

Strengthen Mental Health Laws: This would seem a good approach. It is, if done with dignity and focus. In a world where media personalities and political leaders flippantly call Christians and those that disagree with them “mentally ill”, an abundance of caution must be employed to make sure any regulation is limited to prevent the unscrupulous from using their interpretation of “mental illness” to disarm those whom they disagree with and despise.

But there is something we can do now: After the Columbine shooting, in the age of the UBC, experts admonished political leadership that schools were soft targets and vulnerable. They needed to be hardened. They were ignored and schools were made “gun-free” zones. After 9-11, we hardened our airports immediately, armed pilots, and implemented the Air Marshall system. In contrast, Gun-Free Zones have made our schools killing fields. It’s time to guard our greatest treasure, our children. Let’s implement a School Marshall system, allow teachers to arm themselves if they wish, and place guards at the doors.

Written by Andy Torbett

One Trick Pony



Ah, to be young again.  Why the nostalgia you ask?  Is it the season, the holly and the berries?  No, quite frankly, it’s the nuts, the fruitcakes and the bologna that has me wandering down memory lane.  Specifically, I remember a trip as a boy to the fabled Santa’s Village in Jefferson, N.H.

There I stood entranced by the jerk-stop movements of the animatronics elves as their mouths squeaked and groaned in motion only a half-step behind the lyrics they were supposed to be singing.  It was a wonderful mechanical, robotic choir singing the great songs of yuletide, clanging and grinding each painful note for their young breathless audience.  One song, I particularly remember was a song by an elf, who was an Elvis impersonator, named, yes, …Elfis.  There is a rumor that the originator of that idea was also the engineer behind the ObamaCare site, but that’s just a rumor.

Elfis, yes, Elfis “sang” his version of “Blue Christmas”.  The lyrics being “I’lla hava aha bluuuuu Christmaaaass without me,” much to the laughter of those of us in the audience. Why is this very odd and strange memory coming back to this columnist?  Well, it was prompted by some very odd and strange behavior coming from our old friends, the Democrats.

You see Democrats are, if anything, consistent – the one trick pony.  No matter the situation, no matter the problem, and no matter the event, it is really all about them.   So I have decided to start a yearly tradition like none other.  Inspired by the photogenic leader of the Democrat Party, I hereby announce the First Inaugural Presentation of The Maine Conservative Voice Selfie Awards.


The First and Magnanimous Selfie goes to the Selfie-and-Chief himself, Barack Obama.  There is not a camera you don’t like and not a moment that shouldn’t be about you.  Thanks, Mr. President, for being our inspiration.


A Dopey Selfie to the people of South Africa who used the funeral of a revered leader to boo the U.S. President, George W. Bush, who worked with Mandela to initiate the PEPFAR program, and spent millions to eradicate aids in South Africa, and then cheering the U.S. President, Barack Obama, who defunded the PEPFAR program and cut millions of dollars to aids research worldwide.


A Regal Selfie to Maine’s own monarch, Angus King, who is showing his “independence” to Mainers by joining a Democrat taskforce, emphasis on force, to “sell” ObamaCare to the people, because whether you want it or not, Obamadoesn’tCare.  He also voted with Democrats to kill the filibuster and violate the rules of Democracy.  He also doesn’t seem to mind that his windmill conglomerate now has a waiver from Obamadoesn’tCare to kill Bald Eagles, the National Bird.  It’s always been about the King, hasn’t it?


A Wholelotta Selfie goes to the one and only Justin Alfond.  There have been so many selfie moments in the mystical reign of the Senate President, but the grandest of all must be his most recent claim that the Democrats are responsible for paying the hospitals back, not the Governor.  Wow!   Other Selfie moments include blocking a bill to aid victims of sex trafficking because it wasn’t an emergency, but promoting his bill for wine tasting because it was…?


A Wingman Selfie to House Speaker Mark Eves for being Alfond’s partner in crime and pushing for MaineCare expansion, while a company he represents will directly benefit from those monies.


A “Wha..?” Selfie goes to N.H. Representative, Ann Kuster, who didn’t want to talk about Benghazi because she was there to talk about the Middle East.  She also receives a complimentary geography class from the local fourth graders.


A “Whaaat?!!” Selfie to Maine State Representative Brian Bolduc who sent an expletive laced email to announce, in no uncertain terms, that truck drivers do not have brains.  As a former truck driver myself, I am so pleased to announce he will receive, in addition to his selfie, a complimentary blast of the air horn every time a truck driver passes his house.


A “What the…?” Selfie to the Maine Democrat Party for sitting by silently while a member of your Party railed against and insulted the hardworking people of Maine.  Your silence was deafening. You waited to hear what your advisors and strategists had to say before doing the right thing and standing up for the people of Maine?  Once again, to the Alfond led Maine Democrats, thanks for absolutely nothing. It’s all about you and your selfies, isn’t it?

Gestapo, Who’s Laughing Now?



The Democrats are maneuvering to shut down the State government.  Realizing that there is a very real and likely chance that this action will be tied to the litany of clownish, lazy, arrogant and disinterested behavior which has typified the Alfond and Eves legislative session, Democrats have called on their attack dogs, namely the Maine Media, to try and pin this on the Governor.  Sadly for the Democrats, the circulation numbers for the major newspapers of Maine have been spiraling down somewhere near non-existent and continue to dive.  This will have very little effect on the Governor.

When the Democrats held a hearing on the shutdown, the Governor attended.  He attempted to speak before the hearing on the matter.  The Chief Executive of the State of Maine was cut off and shut out of the debate by Democrats concerning the shut down of the State of Maine, of which he is the duly elected Governor.  This is starting to have a familiar ring to it, or should we say stomp, as in a tantrum stomp.

Democrats have developed an alarming penchant for thuggish tactics in their political maneuverings around Augusta.  From this latest insult to the office of the Governor, to repeatedly shutting off debate in committee rooms, blocking public notification of hearings, and donning clown noses for hearings on the elderly and infirmed, the Democrats have proven that the Alfond legacy will be one that completely shut out any dissenting voice from having its rightful expression in the legislative chamber and blocking it out into the hallways; in other words, my way or the hallway.  Democrats refused to be questioned, scrutinized or examined.  If one dares, then one will be subjected to insults, mockery and complete isolation from the political process.

This wise guy approach to governing has shown itself to be a systemic problem within the Democrat Party from the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave right down to the chambers of Augusta.  The brutish assault on all those who disagree with their agenda, criminalizing dissent, dumpster diving in hopes of incriminating law abiding citizens, and using IRS and character assassinations to silence critics were behavior we envisioned as happening elsewhere, not in our Nation, not in our State.  But it is here, right here in Maine.  Justin Alfond has made sure his Democrats are in lockstep with everything their leader in Washington commands.

Maine Democrats have spent so much time fixated on discrediting the Governor they have failed to legislate.  They have mocked his intellect; yet, they have not the mental fortitude to withstand the heat of public debate.  Remember when they roared in mockery when the Governor called the IRS the Gestapo?  Well, Justin Alfond, who is laughing now?  Sadly, no one.

Cloak and Shovel



Reeling from the public relations disasters, which have emanated from their clown like behavior in recent weeks, the Alfond Democrats have decided the best thing to do to save face is to hide.  It seems there is no place like the shadows for the Democrats to find solace for their self-inflicted wounds.  So suddenly, there is no public in a public hearing.

Justin Alfond has suspended the public disclosure rules for public hearings on the bills that come before committee.  With the all distractions of the “Alfond and Eves Circus Revue”, the Democrat led legislature has not fulfilled even half of its job obligation with just a couple weeks of session left to go.  So with now the looming deadline in full view on the horizon, Alfond and Eves have decided the sideshows, freak-shows and all other manifestations of narcissism should be confined to the secrecy of the committee halls of Augusta.

This is not the first time public notification rules have been suspended.  Republicans have done so and shortened the notification time from two weeks to 48 hours.  The “Honorable” Mr. Alfond has set no such secondary guidelines.  With the proven history of the Maine Democrat Party, its penchant for cloak and dagger politics, backroom deals and special session tactics, the people of Maine will once again find themselves blindsided by the interests of lobbyists, who camp out in Augusta.

You can be assured the organizations like MEA and the MPA will be waiting at the door for the last minute notifications that will whisper out of President Alfond and Speaker Eves offices.  And once again the Democrats will shut the people of Maine out of their government.  That has familiar ring to it, doesn’t it?  About forty years worth or so.

Justin Alfond has had an interesting approach to legislating the people’s business.  The tactics of choice have been to stall, protest, whine, distract, ignore the debt, cry, moan, insult the Governor, attack the Governor, still ignore the debt, stall some more, whine some more, copy some of the Republican’s ideas, distract some more, ignore the debt….some more and then realize, “Oops, folks!  We’re running out of time.  Everybody out of Augusta!  We need to do some legislating…and no peeking please!”   This columnist has said it before and will say it again.  Democrats thrive in secrecy but wilt under public scrutiny.

Alfond has thrown a cloak over the whole legislative process and, instead of a dagger, he is wielding a shovel to cram every leftwing legislative agenda down the throats of Maine people.  Case in point.  The Democrats are calling for 500 thousand tax dollars to study climate change…again.  Haven’t we heard and paid for this “research” again and again …and again?  But Mainers, once again, will have no say in the process and at the eleventh hour it will be foisted upon our wallets….again! Yet, still, we have not paid the hospital debt.