Constitutional Carry Bill Shows Promise

A Constitutional Carry bill in the Maine State Senate shows great promise as it begins its march through the legislature. Originally sponsored by Senator Eric Brakey (R-Auburn), the bill enjoys nearly 100 co-sponsors. If passed it most assuredly will be signed by the Governor and Maine will join Alaska, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, and, surprise, Vermont in legalizing both concealed and open carry without permit.  Maine enjoys strong support for the 2nd Amendment by voters across party lines.

TMCV has previously posted its support for this bill but cautioned that there was a need to make sure there was language in the bill to protect and preserve the present Concealed Carry permitting process so as to not nullify reciprocity with other States, who may not honor Constitutional Carry but still reciprocate, honor, Maine’s Concealed Carry permit.  Sources close to the bill have assured TMCV that there is language in the bill that protects reciprocity for Concealed Carry permit holders and keeps the permitting process for those who need to have Concealed Carry permits honored in other States.  This is important as several individuals have contacted TMCV concerned that the Constitutional Carry, if passed, would invalidate their permits making them vulnerable to arrest in States that they do business.

Before the start of this legislative session, TMCV contacted our local State Senator, Paul Davis (R-Sangerville), and passed the several concerns that had been expressed to us.  Senator Davis sponsored a bill that would have worked to protect Concealed Carry reciprocity.  This past weekend I spoke with Paul Davis to get an update of the different issues facing our State and, as it pertains to Constitutional Carry, he felt that, as long as reciprocity was protected, Brakey’s Constitutional Carry bill was the better bill and he was lending his full support to it, with the caveat that reciprocity must be protected.

With cautious optimism, TMCV believes that there is a good chance this bill will be passed.  This sends a strong message to the rest of the Nation that the 2nd Amendment and the citizens right to self-defense resonates across party lines amongst voters even as some in the political realm persist in making it a partisan issue. Let’s Set Maine Free!


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