Out Manned, Out Planned, Overmatched

The rumors are true. I have first hand knowledge. The repeated reports nationwide that the Cruz campaign has beaten Donald Trump to every punch in the delegate battle was in full evidence today at the Maine Republican State Convention. I was there to witness how organized and efficient the “Cruz Crew” is and how completely inept the Trump campaign is.

The prelude to the delegate battle was a very strange and awkward claim by Trump surrogate Governor LePage claiming that Cruz had violated some back room deal struck between the Governor and the Cruz national team. This from the Trump campaign which has loudly decried all the supposed back room dealings that Cruz has, as Trump alleges, done to steal delegates. LePage and his team spent the night before and the morning of the delegate vote calling for the convention delegates to reject the Cruz slate of delegates on the basis of this “violation” of a back room deal made previous to the vote on the floor of the convention.

I have to say, on a personal note, that I found it strange that the Cruz campaign which has man handled the Trump campaign in the delegate ground game would even consider cutting a deal for delegates, especially when Cruz had won the State of Maine.  Garrett Mason, Co-chair for the Cruz4Maine group has gone on record flatly denouncing that any back room deal was struck for the delegates. Even had there been deal struck, I doubt that Cruz himself would have gone along with it. His ground game is kicking Trump’s ample behinder parts. Why does he need to cut Donald any slack with a deal?

I was witness to this back parts kicking today. Trump’s ground game was non-existent. What volunteers he had were wandering around the convention floor with some signs with hastily scribbled lists attached. The Cruz Crew, on the other hand, had handouts with the approved delegate slate, an army of volunteers with flourescent green shirts prepared to answer any question, specific volunteers who were walking around the convention with large placards with the delegate list on it in case someone hadn’t picked up a flyer, and other volunteers passing out signs to wave. I know this sounds crazy, and Donald thinks this cheating, but it looked like…dare I say it…a political campaign doing its job…and…shutter to think….doing it well.

The Trump campaign was completely outclassed today. They were over matched. It wasn’t even close.Cruz swept the 14 at large delegates and,  over all, won 19 of 23 delegates Maine is allotted. Be advised that the delegates are bound to vote the way they are proportioned on the first vote.

I watched a man next to me who had intended to vote for Trump grow so frustrated with the confusion on the Trump team, he tossed their list. He went and grabbed a Cruz delegate flyer to fill out his ballot instead. There is something to be said for surrounding yourself with the best people. It was very evident today, Donald has not!


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