The Rise of the Republicrats

I recently listened to an interview with a gay activist who was recounting his shock and horror over the behavior of his leftist allies in recent events. He made an interesting observation that perhaps the recent “blurring of the lines” that we have seen this election cycle would have a positive effect because we would find out who we really are. Once I got past my negative reaction to the “blurring of the lines”, I think I understood and agreed with the premise he proposed.

While I may be misinterpreting his intent, for me this election has exposed what many citizens have been suspicious of for some time: Republicans and most “conservative” pundits don’t believe in anything. At the core of the Republican Party, the only consistency is the desire to change their stripes with every election cycle. While Republicans are gloating and reveling in this victory as vindication of their conversion from conviction to duplicity, the price of managing Good Trump/Bad Trump may find the GOP in the end far over-leveraged and bankrupt politically.

Yes, I am, with many true conservatives thus far, thrilled with the turn of events and to be, for the most part, proven wrong. I am a citizen of the United States and, therefore, Donald Trump is my President. But as I must maintain my mantle of my own Party’s harshest critic, Andy Torment, I do have some nagging questions.

Didn’t we just spend 8 years obliterating the Obama Administration for adding trillions to our national debt? I’ll help you. Yes, We did. Then how is it that our Republicans in Congress just voted in another 9.7 trillion in debt? Why all the silence now?

Oh, the media is silent as usual too. Why? They want it. We are all on the same team now. We are all Republicrats now. Isn’t wonderful? The Republicans finally brought some unity to Washington. We can all go down on this fiscal Titanic together. Strike up the band!

Now help me with this one. Didn’t we stamp, shout, and scream for 8 years against Obamacare? So why the silence on President Trump’s insistence that everyone must have healthcare and his plan is going to be even bigger and better, yes, “yuger”. So the reason Republicans are repealing the ACA is to put a bigger universal healthcare in its place? So if its Republican socialized medicine its OK? I see. Then no need to warn you about that iceberg….then? Right?

Here in Maine we have our own founding member of the Republicrats, Senator Roger Katz. He has introduced a Physician Assisted Suicide Bill into the legislature. Senator Katz is one of the many Republicans who are constantly trying to remove the traditional family from family values in the Republican Party platform. Yes, this is as much removed from common sense as the idea that social conservative values cause us to lose elections except for all the elections they help us win like this past one.

I know I’m putting myself out on a limb. I’ve been here before a few times; in fact, there’s a worn spot from my posterior out here. I’m fully willing to take my lumps and bruises if the limp snaps off with me on it, but if the Republican Party doesn’t find its conservative mooring and develop a spine now, they will never be able to manage the cyclical tumble-storm of Good Trump/Bad Trump that awaits them for the next four years. I can assure my fellow Republicans that a big smelly mush of Republicrats is not what the populace had in mind when it elected them this past November.

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