We could wait for the dust to settle, but the frenzy never seems to lessen. The tension has ratcheted far beyond hyper to that screeching ripping sound right before everything snaps. Hour upon hour the American people are treated to an incessant volley of insults, hyperbole, and unhinged smears against this Nation, it’s people, and it’s President.

Should this be allowed? Can they attack the American people in this way? Yes, of course! The First Amendment’s strength is it’s ability to protect the speech you don’t want to hear.

While the media is protected by the First Amendment, the media is not the embodiment of the First Amendment. The Rights of Free Speech and Freedom of the Press are not enshrined in and exclusive to the mainstream media. Despite what liberal and conservative pundits alike opine, it is not an infringement of Free Speech to challenge the validity of the old line media as trustworthy news sources.

The President has done what most Republicans have failed to do and that is to push back against the dishonest media. Most Republicans have spent their entire political career cowering before the media and, like breath of fresh air, this President has come into office and done what every politician promises to do, fight for the people. A grim sense of satisfaction has swept the nation as they watch a bloodied tyrant flailing foolishly at a studied pugilist, who is giving the old despot his due.

President Trump has exposed for the Nation what he has known all along. The old line media is a failing commodity that has not placed a quality product on the market for some time. Were it not for forced viewing in airports and, sadly, validation by the White House, the old line media would barely make a ratings blip.

This is the irony. For all his bluster, Trump still validates these failed media institutions by allowing them a seat in the White House Press Corps. The negative attitudes, insults, and disdain of the American people are emboldened by the revered status a place in the Executive press room affords.

The First Amendment does not grant the media immunity from the Free Market. Free Speech does not or should not keep you impervious to the non-violent repercussions of said Free Speech. Yet, the established wisdom of today would have us believe that the old guard media are icons which have been inoculated against the demands of the consumer and innovation, therefore, cannot be changed. Will Free Speech really die with the demise of these rotting corpse, which are the media dinosaurs?

I think not. New and fresh voices are sounding an honest and clear call, a clarion that deserves recognition. Is it time for the White House to embrace this changing of the guard fully?

If the President truly believes that the dinosaur media is a failed, aging, outdated product that does not serve the people, then at the very least he must allow for new and fresh competition within the Press Corps. Can the President kick a news group out of the Press room? Why Not?!

Let the Free Market, the consumer, decide who their news source is. The White House should stop validating those news institutions who constantly disparage and attack the very fabric of our Nation, it’s people. They have the Freedom to do so, yes, but it is the President’s job to protect the interests of the people and the information highway is not a one horse carriage anymore.

-Andy Torbett


3 comments on “Inoculated

  1. We need not state exactly how effective the free market works against Conservative causes ! One need only observe . Nation banks Global Banks ,Global & national corporations whom have conspired together with the regressive-progressive crowd in order to reduce or destroy pro 2nd amendment rights. Those rights of firearms manufactures 2nd amend organizations, as well their members & customers. Therefore it is our right & our responsibility as Patriots to boycott any & all media corporations ,banks ,technology companies resturants or any business! By all legal means available to U. Those whom at every concieveable turn of events have attempted to silence or restrict our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS. . We must also call upon our President to reject the enclusion of all fake lying news sources from entering upon the White House! As well we must insist Our President deny any excess interviews or media coverage of the same.
    Let’s follow the Regressive socialist progressives . After all they Are in fact utilizing every historically known tactic of the socialist party of the early 1914 era in Austra. Which by the way, is exactly where Hitler discovered & develope his ideas for the use of violence & propaganda. It was after all during that era , the socialist party of Austra had utilized those very same tactics. Then becoming the majority party of Austra. Hitlery His brown shirts & then his Nazies put then to use from 1920 on through the 1940s. Night of broken glass, The night of knives. Hitlery tore apart destroyed the Greman Consitution ( Violence, propaganda, )

  2. Well done, sir! As the President has found, social media is the “New Media”. Yes, the “establishment” social media is going the way of the “dinosaur” media, but new platforms ARE springing up and many are growing. People there are called “content providers” and many of them are excellent, (Candace Owens started out there), journalists. Perhaps POTUS should look to including some of them into the WHPC?

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