Monday Irony

So with the given pattern of false reporting, propagandizing, and fixation on character assassination, yet still, with all the new media venues available and the precipitous decline of the trust of the American people in the old fossilized mainstream media, the White House continues to afford the mainstream media relics a spot in the White House Press Corps, validating their unprofessional behavior and foisting on the American people something they increasingly do not want and are disgusted with.

One comment on “Monday Irony

  1. Personally if I were President ! Daily briefings should be & certainly would be of print type only. . Bi monthly briefings in the Oral format , as well should only include & given only to select hpnest News outlets. Meaning those news sources of which have posted factual ligitment news. Whether that news is or was good ,bad or indifferent to the adminastration. Over the past 19 months clarity has indeed worked its magic ! Least wise in this Independent, fiscal conservatives with strong LIBERTARIAN leanings mind. Evidence of fake news is all about. From all sides of the political as well non politic spectrum . ( Opinions, everyone holds their own & they all stink to someone else. )

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