Monday Irony

So called “adults” in media and entertainment who, after attempting to defame, smear, harass, and threaten to harm the lives of children on the basis of fabrication, think apologies and deleted tweets are sufficient for absolution.


Marching Straight Into A BuzzFeed


The latest journalistic debacle of BuzzFeed proportions has shown the spotlight again on a once revered institution devoid of any integrity. The Nation has in many ways become numb to it, even at times excepting this as the new normal. Despite this, the next station in the march of relativism should leave even the most morally callous appalled.

Still wiping the slathered froth flecked across their faces left from reporting a false BuzzFeed hit piece, the media has moved from one frenzy to another, with all the careful calculations of a bloody shark melee. Once again the rush to smear the President has left the media reporting a misleading, tainted source. Always there are repercussions to falsehoods, but with this, journalism turned propaganda has upped the ante.

It has the reputations and the safety of children in its ugly grasp and these lies of omission would in times past sicken even the most hardiest of smear technicians. An edited video has been circulated by news outlets purporting to show young, male, Catholic, students harassing on native American man at the recent March for Life. Not once was an effort made to corroborate, investigate, or validate the incident.

Now full unedited videos have surfaced which exonerates the boys and proves the dishonest pattern in modern media. By design or negligence, the damage to the children has already been accomplished. They and their families have to live under constant guard now because of the threats against their lives.

The patented wailed “He made me do it” response from the media will be pointed at the President. Pardon the interruption if Americans should recall the defining of integrity as doing the right thing in spite of adversity and isolation. When will true journalistic integrity please stand up?!

-Andy Torbett

For Some Clarity

This statement was issued from Governor LePage’s office today: “It appears that some Maine news media are not providing the context of the Governor’s recent action requesting clarification from the courts.

The Governor recently joined an amicus brief that challenges the ability of an activist judge to re-define a federal law enacted in 1964, which is in direct violation of separation of powers. If the federal government wants to revise its own discrimination laws, that is up to the Congress, not activist judges.

The Sixth Circuit has not only ignored the will of Congress, but also supplanted itself as an unelected legislature of three with the power to rewrite congressional enactments in violation of separation of powers. The role of the courts is to interpret the law, not to rewrite the law by adding new, unintended meaning.

Please note that Maine already expanded the scope of its anti-discrimination protections by adopting the Maine Human Rights Act.

This change was made by the Legislature, which is how changes to law should be made.”