Decency: The Indecent Weapon


It was the core value that bound us together. The singular plank on the platform of civil debate that we all could agree must remain intact to sustain the internal struggles of the Republic, the check and pause to zeal and passion midst the emotions of heated discourse. Grievous to see, Decency now lies tortured, splintered, and ripped, tossed from our political platforms, and dead to the liberal players who now encumber the tired and teetering timbers of the once sturdy decks of our Nation’s discourse.

Still, Conservatives remain doggedly bound to decency. Is this to their credit? In some measure, perhaps so, at least to salve their own moral compass, but is it to the benefit of the Nation, when the results are repeated defeats at the hands of the Indecent?

Conservatives have yet to come to grips with the fact that, for decades now, liberals have been engaged in a full out war against the Republic. The Nation has watched with frustration as the Republicans have been outmatched, outmaneuvered, and out-manned seemingly at every turn, willingly compliant to the Democrats’ demands that the GOP plod along staunchly adhering to the tactics of a gentleman’s war, while Democrats gleefully respond with the tactics of total war.

In the moments that Republicans have found their spine, the Democrats have quickly called for civility and decency. Not for the result of deep soul searching and genuine repentance do liberals make this call, but to see Conservatives quickly slink and cower back into the defensive posture so easily manipulated and controlled. It has become reflexive for the Right give pause at such accusations because they revere decency as much as the average American does, but it is this decent average America that the Left, the Indecent, wants to destroy.

To the Indecent, decency is has been redefined as silence in the face of all that they wish to redefine. If the Decent should raise any protest, engage in any confrontation, and critique one iota of any jot or tittle of the liberal agenda, the Decent are quickly labeled racist, a phobic du-jour, or any ever evolving derogatory title the left engenders or gerrymanders to label or name call the Decent, indecent. In short, the average American’s desire for decency has been weaponized against them.

It is true that a growing number of our youth have embraced the tactics of the Indecent, but still a majority of Americans still recoil at the idea of being unfair and indecent to another human being, no matter their persuasion. So in it’s infancy, the Indecent wrapped their redefining of our civilization as a need to be fair to all peoples, and warmhearted Americans easily agreed. But as the veils have come off the social justice agenda and a growing number of Americans are becoming alarmed at the targeting of “unwanted” people groups, the Left must silence the critics.

Decent Americans want the days of decency to come back but how can it, when the Indecent control what is accepted and not accepted? Gone are the days when civil debate was a part of our political process. We look to our leaders but the Indecent shout, threaten, accuse, bully, and the Decent cower looking for a decent, respectable, and quiet solution for a response.

The Republicans’ continued adherence to the traditions of decency has been the weapon consistently used against them. A Decent man can be accused of indecency with no corroboration, facts, only hearsay, and we are bound by decency to hear the accusation. But the Indecent have no desire for the accusation to be proven only that the accusation be continually hurled against the Decent in order paralyze Decency so that Indecency may prevail.

This paralysis can only be broken by strength and common sense. It is not indecent to refuse to let decency be exploited for political gain. Our Conservative leaders must realize that the basic tenets of the Rule of Law in this Republic cannot be allowed to fail. A decent man, Bret Kavanaugh, cannot be sullied by the hearsay of indecency in an effort to redefine who he is. Republicans need to do the decent thing and end this charade of indecency that is paralyzing our Nation.

-Andy Torbett

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