Lady Taxalot and Her Tax Mills


The Democrats have sworn an oath and probably just plain swore… a lot, in light of the economic rebirth of the State of Maine and it’s even brighter future on the horizon. They have vowed to undo all of the policies of Governor LePage and return Maine to Democrat policies, which are debt, poverty, and unemployment. Janet Mills has the plan to obstruct any forward motion this State has toward independence and turn us back to the perpetual state of dependency.

Her plan is an effective plan if your stated goal is to undo all the accomplishments of the past Governor. Nothing decimates a growing economy better than a mass taxation and Mills has a taxation nuclear blast that would make California envious. When she says she wants to change the direction Maine is going in, do not doubt her sincerity.

First is a tax on milk, because what every young and growing family wants is to feel the government pinch when buying that bone building nectar of the bovine. Always remember, yes, always remember, it’s for the children. But wait there is more of the mass tax-atrocity plan…

And just when you thought your family budgets were going to look a little fuller, Janet Tax Mills has better use for your hard earned dollars. She wants to track and tax every mile you drive in your vehicle. That doesn’t sound intrusive at all does it? What about rural Maine families where the typical provider has to travel longer distances to and from work?

How could Mainers, who lay claim to a strong independent streak, even think about voting for a Democrat track and tax policy? Government tracking every mile we drive and then taxing it? I think not!

Lady Taxalot has a mass umbrella approach to taxation. She has been quoted as saying we should have a tax for everyone. But mass taxation will have mass casualties for our local economies especially the more fragile rural economies, which suffer the most from government overreach.

Lady Taxalot has a history of grinding out punitive economic policies from her Tax Mills. She and Governor Baldacci were responsible for the Dirigo Health 77 million tax hike disaster that plunged our hospitals into catastrophic debt. It never covered more than 15,000 people.

She was a major part of LD 2247 which increased the paid claims tax to 4%. LD 2247 also placed increased taxes on soda, wine, beer, and syrup for soda machines creating a huge financial burden to rural business. These taxes had to be passed on to the consumer, which inevitably slows down local commerce.

Along with Governor Baldacci, Janet Mills was responsible for Amendment H-904 to LD 1919, which incurred a 5% tax against assisted living facilities. The Kennebec Journal published a letter urging this amendment to be repealed as the tax increase was such an onerous burden upon the elderly, who were being forced to deplete their limited savings accounts. Janet Mills name was mentioned specifically in connection with this, another taxation disaster.

Believe her when she says she wants to undo the policies of the past eight years. Janet Mills is the reincarnation of Governor Baldacci, bringing us back under the cloud of fiscal insolvency. The Democrats dislike prosperity because of the independence it brings people. Janet Mills wants to bring us back to a state of dependency on government and we can’t vote that in!

-Andy Torbett

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