Monday Irony

In China, Christian Ministers have to be prepared to be sent to prison for their Faith. In the United States, Christian Ministers have to be prepared to be banned from facebook for expressing their Faith.

2 comments on “Monday Irony

  1. As to Monday Irony’s Hows this one for You ?? My Bride of 39 years & I had assumed ,yes assumed though falsely I might add ; That we had fled from a regressive progressive state of High taxes & over regulations. To a state of less restrictions ,less regulations & far less burdensome taxes ( Maine ) We could not have been more wrong. This state = Maine: in reality offers fewer job opportunities , fewer Healthcare options , fewer personal freedoms., fewer educational benefits ,fewer recreational opportunities for the young and old alike. In Fact: had we been wise, chosen more wisely invested more time researching the likely prospects. We would not have chosen Maine as a place to retire or for purposes of vacationing . Especially when This State ( Maine is ranked #3 as the 3rd highest over all Tax burdening state on its residents.
    We shall be seriously considering moving ! Especially now that his states electorate has seen to it to have elected into governing control. True regressive clowns as the majority control of all state government . Can you all say Corporate flight, Individuals fleaing . Yes this states Tax based shall be left to those least likely to afford REGRESSIVISM BYE BLUE MAINE. WE ARE OUT OF HERE. .

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