Emily Cain, Red Flannel Sweat, and the Dukakis Helmet


Those moments that define who we are. What we do means more than what we say. And you can’t pull that crap and get away with it in the 2nd District, Emily Cain.

Maybe its because Emily Cain has just returned from a wine tasting tour with Nancy Pelosi on the left coast of California to garner more campaign contributions from the Hollywood elites that has caused her to be unaware that it is blistering hot here in Maine right now. It must be the reason, because why else would someone decide to go out for a photo-op shooting lesson dressed in a thick red plaid flannel shirt, still sporting the fresh-outta-the-wrapper creases, layered under another spanking shiny new, did I mention thick, blaze orange hunting vest under the hot, yes very hot, August sun. If you noticed the awkward position of the “instructor” standing next to her, its probably because he’s trying to avoid stepping in the pool of sweat rippling around Ms. Cain’s most likely insulated L.L. Bean hunting boots, store tags in tow, gathering from the rivulets of perspiration coursing down her hypocritical person.

Obviously Ms. Cain is desperate to prove to the common sense voters of the 2nd District in Maine that she is one of them. Unfortunately for her, most Mainers know that no one in their right mind would go out on a sweltering hot August day to target shoot dressed to the flannel hilt for a bird hunt in October. There is humor here to be had for sure were it not for the condescending insult to the voters of CD 2.

No picture in a sweat drenched hunting outfit is going to convince voters of her love for guns when Emily Cain’s voting record screams otherwise. Furthermore her sudden stalwart defense of the “right to hunt” exposes her complete and indefensible disregard for the reasons for the 2nd Amendment. The first and foremost being a defense against a government that has lost an understanding and respect for the purpose of the Constitution and, therefore, has become a danger to the citizens. Hunting is way down the list.

While Ms. Cain should be reminded hunters wear multiple layers during hunting months of October and November because its cold, not in August to create a portable sauna, she should also be reminded that the Maine State Constitution takes the 2nd Amendment one step further by demanding that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be questioned. Once Ms. Cain has peeled off her soggy flannel propaganda attire, she’ll need to explain to the Maine residents why she has questioned that fundamental right on numerous occasions.

I suppose we should thank Emily Cain for interjecting some much needed comic relief into a election cycle that has been rife with despair. One cannot look at the heat shimmers emanating from the multi-layers of flannel campaign photog draped over Ms. Cain’s shoulders and not have it invoke images of Michael Dukakis… and an army helmet he should never have put on.

One More Shot for Gunowners

Word from the office of Congressman Bruce Poliquin is that he has also co-sponsored another bill, H.R. 578.   The bill is entitled The Recreational Lands Self-Defense Act.  The bill allows U.S. law abiding citizens to possess firearms and concealed firearms on lands owned by the United States Army Corp of Engineers.  Poliquin has certainly come out guns blazing in defense of the 2nd Amendment, leaving no doubt on his stance.  Poliquin says, “As your Representative, I’m determined to protect our right keep and bear arms as it is an essential and irreplaceable part of the Constitution”.  This is an encouraging sign for Maine people in CD 2.  TMCV will continue to monitor the Congressman’s progress and votes in Washington and report back to you

Not a Raye of Hope for Kevin

Our Nation is a democracy, which is a representative form of government.  Acknowledging that there are differences in belief systems from region to region, we have divided our States and Counties up into districts to try and help elect a representative, who bests represents the needs and desires of that area.  Although flawed in some respects, that is the general idea.

So, one would think that a candidate running for election in a selected district would try to best show himself a good representation of that district.  Not so, for one career politician, who is running in the Republican primary for U.S. Congressional District Two.  This man seems to be confusing who is representing whom?

Kevin Raye recently announced his candidacy, again, for Congress in CD 2.  This will be his third attempt.  In the last Republican primary for CD 2, Raye was only able to muster 51% of the vote against a no-name first time candidate. Moreover, 13% decided neither candidate was worth voting for, stayed home and didn’t vote.  In only three counties, other than his own, was the former Senator able to garner more than 50% of the primary vote.  Not a good omen for a candidate who claimed he could win the general election.

In the general election, Raye fared worse in his second attempt than he did in his first, losing by a larger margin.  It seems name recognition did not work to the benefit of the State Senator from Washington County the second time around.  The more they saw of him, the less they liked him.  Kevin Raye lost every single county other than his own in the general election.  Yes, even the historical Republican bastion of Piscataquis County chose perennial wallflower Mike Michaud as a stronger candidate over Kevin Raye.  Many officials refused to carry Raye’s signs in parades fearing the backlash they would receive from the decidedly conservative crowds in the Second Congressional District.

Which brings up another interesting point.  The Rayes have been very public about their support and promotion of abortion.  They support Emily’s List and The Wish List; two organizations that zealously promote abortion and candidates that follow this mantra.  Yet, Kevin Raye feels that somehow an overwhelmingly Pro-Life 2nd District should set aside their belief system and allow him to represent them.  Who is representing whom?  And this represents the 2nd District in what way?  These are just few reasons why there is such tough sledding for Raye outside of Washington County.

Kevin Raye has done everything he can do to disenfranchise the voters of the CD 2.  His one major political accomplishment outside of his county is to be the first Republican to lose an election in Piscataquis County, the Red County, in a very long time.  It is easy to see, after a look at all the facts, that there is not a Raye of hope that this candidate represents the interests of our district.