Saturday’s Synopsis

House Votes to Repeal Death Tax 

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to repeal the “death tax” and now it is on to the U.S. Senate.

Maine State Senator Amy Volk  Proposes Bill to Lengthen Senate Term

Senator Amy Volk has introduced a bill that would lengthen the Senate term to four years.  TMCV in the past has proposed lengthening the Senate term to six years, in keeping with the Federal term. At the State level all legislative offices are open at the same time and can be overwhelming for voters and political operatives come campaign season. TMCV, at this point, supports this bill.

IRS Goes Before Congress Hand Out Begging For More Money

Yes, you read right.   After completely misappropriating the exorbitant amount of money they confiscate from taxpayers every year, the IRS wants more because it doesn’t have enough to operate…maybe….it shouldn’t….operate….ever thought of that….

Maine State Senator David Burns Withdraws Religious Freedom Bill

After increasing pressure from LGBT groups and lack of support within his own Party, although legislative leaders voiced their support, Senator Burns has withdrawn his Religious Freedom Bill.  Republican Party officials tell TMCV that the timing was not right.  Is the timing ever right for courage and conviction?

Governor LePage Calls For Elimination of State Income Tax

Facing strong opposition from both Parties on portions of his budget, Governor LePage remains resolute in his belief that the State Income Tax should be eliminated.  LePage believes that if the legislature will not vote to repeal income tax the people will.

Hillary Announces Candidacy, Visits “Ordinary Iowans”, Uses Staged Iowans

Hillary Clinton announced her bid to be President of the United States this week then promptly traveled to Iowa to see “everyday Iowans”, locked everyday college students in their classrooms so they wouldn’t bother her, parked her campaign van in an everyday handicap spot, and staged her very own”everyday Iowans” meeting with some “everyday Iowan actors”-a whole three of them.

Veterans Administration is Scorched By Latest Report

A scathing report just released by the Inspector General in its latest investigation calls in to question whether the VA has any interest at all in reforming its battered image.  The latest findings of the IG detail a litany of abuse, misuse, and corruption including workers being forced to work in a rat infested building.

The “Fix” is In

The so-called “Doc Fix” has been sent to the Presidents desk for his signature.  This bill is an attempt to protect Medicare patients who would have had to absorb a 21% cut in services.

Duplicitous Surreal

Can you imagine being a part of a Party where you must operate in fear of showing loyalty to your own Country? Senator Robert Menendez has found out that the Democrat party is just that sort of Party.  Not days after criticizing the President’s treaty with Iran, the Senator from New Jersey finds himself the target of an investigation by the Department of Justice.  Whether the Senator is guilty or not, the speed in which the President has retaliated is a wonder to behold.  The same President, who is oblivious to any scandal within his scandal plagued administration, unsure of how to classify terrorism, gives nary a sniff at the corruption of his Chicago land cronies, and never utters a word of concern for all those in his administration that have terror ties, now has suddenly found the time to emerge from a golf course to climb atop the high horse he has demanded Christians vacate in order to ensure that members in his Party…. just do-the-right-thing….even if they are..left of everything.

This sudden adherence to integrity would be heartwarming save for the surreal duplicitous atmosphere that the Democrat Party generally operates in. Take the matron not-so-saint of the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton, who is now trying to explain why she has exclusively used, not just personal email, but a personal server, to do Federal business on, yet she excoriated and fired her employees for doing the same thing and publicly rebuked President Bush in 2007 for using personal emails citing it as a violation of the Constitution.    Clinton recently decried American business bemoaning unequal pay for female employee, but the females on Clinton’s staff are paid 20% less than the males.

The speed in which the White House has snapped the punitive lash over Menendez simply brings into stark clarity what is very wrong about the Democrat Party.  While a semblance of Patriotism may still exist in some of the rank and file Democrats, most of the leadership has wholly given themselves to the belief that America is evil and must be punished and any amongst them who defy that agenda will be punished severely.

Sneaky Sneaky Hillary

News outlets are reporting revelations that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton exclusively used one of her personal emails to conduct Federal business, making it impossible for authorities to properly account for her actions as Secretary of State.  I’m sure all her years as First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, and legal lawyer would have left her completely unaware of the proper channels a Federal Official must use to conduct official Federal business so as to give a Federal accounting to those within the Federation that she is accountable to. One of those “aww shucks, I was completely unaware” moments coming up, to be sure.