Saturday’s Synopsis

House Votes to Repeal Death Tax 

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to repeal the “death tax” and now it is on to the U.S. Senate.

Maine State Senator Amy Volk  Proposes Bill to Lengthen Senate Term

Senator Amy Volk has introduced a bill that would lengthen the Senate term to four years.  TMCV in the past has proposed lengthening the Senate term to six years, in keeping with the Federal term. At the State level all legislative offices are open at the same time and can be overwhelming for voters and political operatives come campaign season. TMCV, at this point, supports this bill.

IRS Goes Before Congress Hand Out Begging For More Money

Yes, you read right.   After completely misappropriating the exorbitant amount of money they confiscate from taxpayers every year, the IRS wants more because it doesn’t have enough to operate…maybe….it shouldn’t….operate….ever thought of that….

Maine State Senator David Burns Withdraws Religious Freedom Bill

After increasing pressure from LGBT groups and lack of support within his own Party, although legislative leaders voiced their support, Senator Burns has withdrawn his Religious Freedom Bill.  Republican Party officials tell TMCV that the timing was not right.  Is the timing ever right for courage and conviction?

Governor LePage Calls For Elimination of State Income Tax

Facing strong opposition from both Parties on portions of his budget, Governor LePage remains resolute in his belief that the State Income Tax should be eliminated.  LePage believes that if the legislature will not vote to repeal income tax the people will.

Hillary Announces Candidacy, Visits “Ordinary Iowans”, Uses Staged Iowans

Hillary Clinton announced her bid to be President of the United States this week then promptly traveled to Iowa to see “everyday Iowans”, locked everyday college students in their classrooms so they wouldn’t bother her, parked her campaign van in an everyday handicap spot, and staged her very own”everyday Iowans” meeting with some “everyday Iowan actors”-a whole three of them.

Veterans Administration is Scorched By Latest Report

A scathing report just released by the Inspector General in its latest investigation calls in to question whether the VA has any interest at all in reforming its battered image.  The latest findings of the IG detail a litany of abuse, misuse, and corruption including workers being forced to work in a rat infested building.

The “Fix” is In

The so-called “Doc Fix” has been sent to the Presidents desk for his signature.  This bill is an attempt to protect Medicare patients who would have had to absorb a 21% cut in services.

The godfather


The godfather

One of the primary goals here at The Maine Conservative Voice is to lend a voice to the many residents of Maine who wish to see our state government exercise fiscal restraint and commonsense in Augusta.  This past week MCV sent an email to the Appropriations Committee imploring them to pass the Governor’s plan, which specifically addresses the DHHS  $212 million shortfall.  We received some positive responses from the committee and one scathing rebuke from a certain John L. Martin, Democrat Representative from Eagle Lake.

It is common knowledge that Mr. Martin rules the St. John Valley with an iron fist and none dare challenge him.  Yes, it seems like an eternity that Martin has wielded his ruthless power within the Democrat ranks; in fact, there may be some evidence that, when Moses was hurling his Ten Commandment tablets, he was aiming at John Martin.  When this columnist states that the Democrat party has a lot to hide and a lot to hold on to, Representative and former Senator John L Martin may be the prime example.

In his email reply, Rep. Martin accused this writer of blindly following the Governor.  He presented the same old tired, tattered and torn pictorials of the elderly….and the children…and the sick…and the infirmed….on and on.  It seems the “Honorable” John Martin would have us believe that all the above imagery falls under the category of “healthy childless adult”.

Oh, have we forgotten that already?  Yes, yes, that is what the Governor said.  He wants healthy, childless, adults off the dole.   But Democrats raise these same old worn images every time the people cry for reform.  Why?   It is to use our own sense of compassion as the very thing to whip the public back into compliance with the Democrat agenda.  For most of us, our Judeo-Christian heritage demands that we not ignore those less fortunate than us.  It is engrained into the very fabric of our society straight from our Christian roots.  The Democrats know it.  And they shame us into silence every time we call for some to develop their own independence.  But….the….Bible does say those that don’t work, don’t eat…..just a thought.

Those predictable arguments were, of course, no surprise.  But one argument gave pause and deserved attention.  Martin claimed that Veterans Homes in Maine were going to lose funding as a result of the Governor’s plan to rein in spending.  As the proud son of a Vietnam Vet, I certainly did not want to see that happen.  I did something that sends a shudder through the very bones of Democrats and their media allies, research.

The loss of funds for Veterans Homes is not going to happen, it already has.  In a town hall meeting with the Governor in Ft. Kent, Martin announced that the Federal government would not be funding PNMI or Private Non Medical Institutions.  Veterans Homes fall under this category.  There was a glaring omission from the “Honorable” John Martin’s announcement. Why?

Mr. Martin neglected to inform his constituents that his party had been caught scamming the PNMI Federal matching funds.  They had been cut off during the Baldacci administration.  The Federal government was obligated to do this to protect the other 49 States from the deceitful practices of Maine Democrats.  The “Honorable” John Martin had the audacity to insinuate that this somehow was the fault of Governor LePage.  Remember, that deceit is the support system of the Democrat platform.  Make a mess.  Blame the Republicans.  Republicans clean it up.  Democrats take the credit for it.  The Democrats have a lot to hide and a lot to hold on to.

I’ve blown through my word limit.  There is much, so much more, on this.  See you next week!