Life Begins at Perception

Science has produced another marvel. It has created an artificial womb that can be used to provide a more suitable environment for preemie babies who cannot stay in the mother’s natural womb. It’s just one more way we as a race have advanced to better protect life.

But that’s were the confusion starts. What is life and when is it worth saving? If it is not viable life, then why expend the money and resources to preserve non-viable life when those resources can used upon viable life or more important issues.

For years now, the field of medical science has been able to perform life saving procedures for children within the womb surrounded by amniotic fluid. When the child later is born, the baby has little to no scarring from the procedure. Amazing to some.

But is it life saving? The same child in that womb that went under the surgical knife for a “life saving procedure” could have it’s life terminated by a surgeon’s knife if the Mother had a change of heart about the viability of that child’s life. Is it life? Where and when is the standard for life? Is there a fixed point we can use as litmus, a mooring?

Our Founders called it “The Quickening” and declared the taking of child from the moment of “The Quickening” as murder. It was the soonest they could know with the technology of the day, when the Mother knew she was with child. We know much sooner but we feel, also, that we know much better then our Founding Fathers.

The argument today is that the baby’s life is not viable until it is born, so much later than “The Quickening”. That’s the premise of the Pro-Choice argument to validate and reason the taking of the life or the “goo” that is in the womb. These arguments certainly call into question the Founder’s claim that we are “endowed with certain unalienable rights”. If life is only a matter of our perception then so are the rights as explained in the Founding Documents.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness endowed by our Creator is the premise of the Constitution. Thus the desire for such and the right to such is wired in us at our conception, or our beginning, an endowment from on High according to the Framers. But was it conception or is it perception?

So if life does not begin in the womb neither do our rights. So when do our rights begin? Is it when our life is proven viable? Who is the final authority on viability? Who now validates my achievement of rights?

Whole civilizations have risen and fallen based on the philosophy that some life is viable and others are not. Whose perception of life can be so trusted as to validate and invalidate the existence of life? Is it the medical field or government?

Both our political parties have conceded to perception rather than conception. Democrats have declared that only once a child is born is it living, except when a Doctor is performing a life saving procedure in the womb, a child has been killed in the womb because of a accident, or now that we have artificial wombs to save the life of preemie babies. Republicans can’t decide what they believe until its a few months out from election and the whole GOP suddenly gets Religion. They have personal beliefs but there are the laws of land.

So law cancels life? Or is it life? If it’s not, then why are we saving it? If life is just your perception based on what you believe, and Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness were never endowed in the first place, than this great Republic is based upon a fraudulent idea. With all of our advances, the question still is simple but the more stark in its clarity: Is it a “life saving” procedure or “goo saving” procedure?

The godfather


The godfather

One of the primary goals here at The Maine Conservative Voice is to lend a voice to the many residents of Maine who wish to see our state government exercise fiscal restraint and commonsense in Augusta.  This past week MCV sent an email to the Appropriations Committee imploring them to pass the Governor’s plan, which specifically addresses the DHHS  $212 million shortfall.  We received some positive responses from the committee and one scathing rebuke from a certain John L. Martin, Democrat Representative from Eagle Lake.

It is common knowledge that Mr. Martin rules the St. John Valley with an iron fist and none dare challenge him.  Yes, it seems like an eternity that Martin has wielded his ruthless power within the Democrat ranks; in fact, there may be some evidence that, when Moses was hurling his Ten Commandment tablets, he was aiming at John Martin.  When this columnist states that the Democrat party has a lot to hide and a lot to hold on to, Representative and former Senator John L Martin may be the prime example.

In his email reply, Rep. Martin accused this writer of blindly following the Governor.  He presented the same old tired, tattered and torn pictorials of the elderly….and the children…and the sick…and the infirmed….on and on.  It seems the “Honorable” John Martin would have us believe that all the above imagery falls under the category of “healthy childless adult”.

Oh, have we forgotten that already?  Yes, yes, that is what the Governor said.  He wants healthy, childless, adults off the dole.   But Democrats raise these same old worn images every time the people cry for reform.  Why?   It is to use our own sense of compassion as the very thing to whip the public back into compliance with the Democrat agenda.  For most of us, our Judeo-Christian heritage demands that we not ignore those less fortunate than us.  It is engrained into the very fabric of our society straight from our Christian roots.  The Democrats know it.  And they shame us into silence every time we call for some to develop their own independence.  But….the….Bible does say those that don’t work, don’t eat…..just a thought.

Those predictable arguments were, of course, no surprise.  But one argument gave pause and deserved attention.  Martin claimed that Veterans Homes in Maine were going to lose funding as a result of the Governor’s plan to rein in spending.  As the proud son of a Vietnam Vet, I certainly did not want to see that happen.  I did something that sends a shudder through the very bones of Democrats and their media allies, research.

The loss of funds for Veterans Homes is not going to happen, it already has.  In a town hall meeting with the Governor in Ft. Kent, Martin announced that the Federal government would not be funding PNMI or Private Non Medical Institutions.  Veterans Homes fall under this category.  There was a glaring omission from the “Honorable” John Martin’s announcement. Why?

Mr. Martin neglected to inform his constituents that his party had been caught scamming the PNMI Federal matching funds.  They had been cut off during the Baldacci administration.  The Federal government was obligated to do this to protect the other 49 States from the deceitful practices of Maine Democrats.  The “Honorable” John Martin had the audacity to insinuate that this somehow was the fault of Governor LePage.  Remember, that deceit is the support system of the Democrat platform.  Make a mess.  Blame the Republicans.  Republicans clean it up.  Democrats take the credit for it.  The Democrats have a lot to hide and a lot to hold on to.

I’ve blown through my word limit.  There is much, so much more, on this.  See you next week!